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EU Says Apple's Warranty Advertisements Are Unacceptable 266

An anonymous reader writes "The European Union believes that Apple should be investigated for the way that it advertises warranties on their products. EU Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding wrote to the member countries which is 27 to ask them to check whether Apple retailers failed to let buyers know about the right to a minimum 2-year warranty for products such as the iPhone and iPad under EU law."
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EU Says Apple's Warranty Advertisements Are Unacceptable

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  • Re:What about... (Score:1, Insightful)

    by Anonymous Coward on Monday October 01, 2012 @04:25PM (#41517751)

    The EU is not really requiring a two year waranty. Well it theory it does but not in real life.
    The first year it's on the manufacturer to prove that the customer broke the thing, wich is hard to do.
    The second year it's upp to the customer to prove that it was manufacturer error wich is hard to do so it's really seldom companies need to replace anything the second year.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Monday October 01, 2012 @04:29PM (#41517795)

    I'm waiting for the Apple fan boy to find the most expensive PC/laptop they can find and post it as an example on how it compares mand then all of the sheep to quickly mod it up. Here's a helpful hint, for every PC you find that is similar in price to a comparing Apple product, almost anyone browsing the internet can find 10 that are much cheaper and with a similar warranty. For those Apple fans that don't have their head in the sand and already know an equal PC can be found much cheaper will throw in the "other" in their own non measurable specs to justify Apples cost, you know the ones, like shiney, sleek, just feels right, simple etc.. Those are same terms a person could use to describe a dildo.


  • Re:So... (Score:4, Insightful)

    by Anonymous Coward on Monday October 01, 2012 @04:29PM (#41517803)

    They are selling extended warranties for the period the *law* says they have to cover and hiding the fact the devices are covered. If Apple don't like it, they're welcome to not sell their products in the EU.

  • by narcc ( 412956 ) on Monday October 01, 2012 @04:46PM (#41517977) Journal

    If you deny that apple products cost 1.5-2x more than other comparably spec'd computers long enough and loud enough it magically becomes true.

    All part of the magic that you get when you, a special and interesting person, buy Apple products!

  • by hairyfeet ( 841228 ) <> on Monday October 01, 2012 @06:58PM (#41519405) Journal

    Not to mention the amount of power you can get on the low end of the PC scale is just insane now. I mean you can choose an i3 office laptop or an AMD quad if you want more gaming capable graphics for around $400 now and we are talking 4-8Gb of RAM, DVD burner, 500Gb HDD, nice 17 inch screen, its just nuts. And the build quality on a lot of those are...actually quite nice. I've had no complaints from those who've had me get them one of the new Samsung or Asus quad AMDs and I'm quite happy with my EEE netbook, had it nearly 2 years now without a problem and even the battery is holding up pretty well with over 5 hours on a charge.

    So I find it funny that people talk of a "Microsoft tax" when on basic and home thanks to trialware its actually a "Microsoft tax break" as the trialware actually covers Windows and lets them sell the units for lower prices, while Apple units will be priced at a premium even when the hardware that is in them is frankly old hat compared to the latest Intel and AMD offerings.

    But if you like Apple's sense of fashion, if you need Unix support for some reason, or just perfer OSX and don't mind paying the extra money for the privilege? Then I'm happy for you and hope you enjoy your purchase, I really do. But don't make these crazy logic hoops to jump through to try to justify your choice as its just silly. I mean do you see Ferrari owners jumping through hoops to claim that Ferrari is a "better value" than a Mustang or Corvette? Of course not, so don't jump through hoops Apple users, the only opinion that should matter is your own.

    Of course I have a theory that the reason why they feel they need to jump through hoops is there is a little niggling doubt sitting on their shoulder that keeps whispering "You paid too much" in their ear and the only way they can shut the niggler up is to get people to agree with them, but that's just a theory.

  • by Sique ( 173459 ) on Monday October 01, 2012 @07:09PM (#41519483) Homepage

    It is. It's fraud.

    The customer is entitled to the 2 years warranty anyway, even without paying the 1 year extension. So selling it something for money he is entitled anyway is fraud.

  • by Missing.Matter ( 1845576 ) on Monday October 01, 2012 @07:36PM (#41519779)

    If this is how you comparison shop for computers, then of course the Mac looks "overpriced". But if your comparison includes comparing HP support plus separate Windows support to Apple support (hardware and OS) plus the cost and quality of included software, then the Apple computer will look like a bargain.

    And this is how it always goes. Bring up the claim "Apple costs more than Windows" and you get people who say "No! It's a myth! Spec them out the same and you'll see the Mac does not cost much more or even less!" Then we diligently spec them out, trying to match every specification as closely as possible, and when the PC inevitably costs less in come the goal post movers, who either claim things like "fit and finish" for the mac (which is also a lie as I've had some damn fine PC laptops like the Envy 14 or various Thinkpads in terms of build quality and materials) or that the comparison is invalid because the PC does not run OSX.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday October 02, 2012 @12:32AM (#41521727)
    there is absolutely no *need* to use a Mac. full stop, end of story. Even adobe suite is written on PC and ported across. it runs *worse* on a mac. Its more about personal preference, and i'll take the one with the better specs at a cheaper price without the walled garden assumed idiot approach thanks.

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