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Why Apple Is Suing Every Android Manufacturer In Sight 738

First time accepted submitter amiller2571 writes "The eyes of the technology world are focused on the epic patent struggle between Apple and Samsung — the latest iteration of Apple's frantic legal battle against everything Android. The iPhone maker has also brought suits against Android device manufacturers HTC and Motorola. Apple has faced criticism for its endless lawsuits designed to stunt competition from Google's Android, but a quick look at Android device shipments in the second quarter of 2012 reveals a key number that suggest Apple is right to worry." Spoiler alert: the number the article focuses on is 68 — as in, the 68 percent of the smart phone market in this year's second quarter that consisted of Android phones.
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Why Apple Is Suing Every Android Manufacturer In Sight

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Sunday August 12, 2012 @04:31PM (#40966425)

    Those huge profits are lifted straight from iTool wallets.

  • by hyphz ( 179185 ) * on Sunday August 12, 2012 @06:03PM (#40967145)

    Seriously -

    Cheung Kung University of Taiwan are suing Apple [Patent infringement]
    The US Department of Justice are suing Apple [iBooks Price Fixing]
    Antione Pontbriand are suing Apple [iBooks Price Fixing]
    Noise Free Wireless are suing Apple [Patent]
    Trans Video Electronics are suing Apple [Patent]
    Scott, Koffman, SIlversmith and Monroe are suing Apple [In-app purchase baiting]
    Apple is suing Motorola [Patent]
    Motorola were suing Apple [Patent]
    Apple is suing Samsung [Patent]
    Samsung are suing Apple [Patent]
    Samsung are suing Apple again [Patent]
    Samsung were suing Apple yet again [Advertising]
    Apple is suing Kodak [Patent]
    Kodak is suing Apple [Patent, constructive litigation]
    Kodak is suing Samsung [Patent]
    Varia Holdings are suing Samsung [Patent]
    Varia Holdings are suing RIM [Patent]
    Samsung is suing the Australian Patent Commission [Patent]
    Apple is suing HTC [Patent]
    HTC are suing Apple [Patents bought from Google]
    Symantec/STEC IP are suing Apple [Patent]
    Nokia was suing Apple [Patent]
    Nokia is suing Google [patent]
    Nokia is suing HTC [Patent]
    Nokia is suing RIM [Patent]
    Nokia is suing Viewsonic [Patent]
    IPCom is suing HTC [Patent]
    Interdigital is suing Nokia [Patent]
    British Telecom is suing Google [Patent]
    ProView were suing Apple [Trademark]
    EMG Technology is suing Google [Patent]
    Microsoft are suing Motorola [Patent]
    Motorola are suing Microsoft [Paten]
    Oracle were suing Google [API Copyright]
    PayPal is suing Google [Patent]
    Mount Hamilton Partners is suing Google [Patent]
    The Authors Guild are suing Google [Google Books transcriptions]
    The state of Texas is suing Google [Antitrust]
    CamUp is suing Google [Patent]
    Intellectual Ventures is suing Motorola [Patent]
    Tivo are suing Motorola [Patent]
    Fujifilm are suing Motorola [Patent]
    Viacom is STILL suing Google [YouTube Copyright]
    MTEL is suing RIM [Patent]
    Openwave is suing Apple [Patent]
    Openwave is suing RIM [Patent]
    WiLAN is suing RIM [Patent]
    NXP Semiconductors are suing RIM [Patent]
    Dolby Laboratories were suing RIM [Patent]
    Evelyn Paswall is suing Apple [walking into a door]

    At that point, complaining about any one company refusing to innovate is unreasonable and it simply shows a major problem with the entire system of patents, especially in their interaction with international companies.

  • by 140Mandak262Jamuna ( 970587 ) on Sunday August 12, 2012 @06:24PM (#40967257) Journal
    The adage is those "who could, innovate. Others litigate". May be Apple thinks differently and asks "why not both?" and it litigates innovatively ;-)
  • by cheekyboy ( 598084 ) on Sunday August 12, 2012 @07:10PM (#40967583) Homepage Journal

    Throwing lots of android handsets at lawyers with apple logos.

    oh... make it html5, so it runs on iOS bypassing their safegarden, ($99 for a dev kit, forget about it)

  • by erroneus ( 253617 ) on Sunday August 12, 2012 @07:33PM (#40967769) Homepage

    If I were an Apple shareholder, I would be furious at this point. If Apple can't win by making something even better, they need to get comfortable in their corner the way with did with PCs or give up entirely. The Android cannot be stopped... not like this. With every claim and every suit, the markers on the "mine sweeper" game we call the patent system are becoming clearly identified and working around or simply invalidating Apple's claims is getting easier.

    In the end, they are wasting their money of all parties and keeping the courts system needlessly busy. It's a problem for everyone who pays taxes as this is ultimately an enormous abuse of the courts system.

    It all has to go. Most of us are pretty sick of watching all this. It's just not any fun any longer.

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