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iOS 6 Beta 3 Jailbroken Already 68

hypnosec writes "Apple launched the iOS 6 Beta 3 just a couple of days back, and the redsn0w team has given out a jailbreak for the latest version of iOS 6 already. The only downside is that this is a tethered jailbreak, which means you will have to make sure your phone is connected to the computer whenever you need to reboot it."
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iOS 6 Beta 3 Jailbroken Already

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  • Get a phone from a company whose policies don't fucking suck, and where you can install whatever fucking software you want without the need to find a vulnerability.

  • Re:Why Jailbreak? (Score:4, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday July 18, 2012 @10:30PM (#40693463)

    Most of the JB-ers have never touched Installious. In fact, if the Dev Team could block that thing from being installed, they could. JB-ing != pirating.

    Want to know the reason I JB? Simple. There are a number of apps that make life easier. That, plus I like full control of my device. Simple things like tarring up some files or having a very secure stash for my gpg keys (where I can pipe files through a ssh to the device for signing/decryption) that are doable with a UNIX prompt, but no apps.

    As for JB apps, here are a few:

    1: 3G Unrestrictor -- I pay per gig for bandwidth, if I want to download a multi-gig app, I should be able to.

    2: iBlacklist. iOS6 has rudimentary functionality for dealing with unwanted callers, but there are some numbers which you don't want to hear or read texts from, period. Having an app for that is a lot cheaper than getting a restraining order.

    3: AppBackup. There is no way on iOS to copy off a game's save files, delete the app, then later on, reinstall the app and have the save files at the ready. Yes, a few apps store their files in Documents, but that is the exception.

    4: Backgrounder. Woodall's Maps needs to have foreground access to complete its large downloads, so either have to keep it in the foreground, or use an app to make it think it is there.

    5: Protect My Privacy. iOS hands out contact info freely to any app that asks for it. This protects against spamming of contacts.

    6: Firewall IP. You would be SHOCKED at what apps try to connect to. Way too many targeting, tracking and ad sites.

    So, don't assume all jailbreakers are pirates. Most of us actually pay for what we use.

  • Re:Why Jailbreak? (Score:5, Interesting)

    by mister2au ( 1707664 ) on Wednesday July 18, 2012 @11:44PM (#40693911)

    "Why sell me something, then attempt to force me do do only what you want with it?"

    Are you serious?

    Because that's what they advertised it to do.
    Because that's what they have to guarantee it do.
    Because that's what they have to support it to do.

    Letting you do whatever you want with it undermines their ability ensure it does what it should during their legal warranty period and beyond. What do you think happens when an infrastructure update breaks on your device because you've screwed with it - and you bitch and moan all over internets !

    Having said that, I am strongly of the 'open hardware' view but I do understand their business problem - definitely not a apple fanboi so don't go there

    Ideally they really need to sell 'open' hardware at a premium (for lost revenue stream that otherwise subsidises the hardware) with no warranty/no support and let you do whatever you want with it - basically the PC hardware model.

  • Why is it that there are so many foul mouthed, rabid comments by detractors of iOS all over the interwebs? I would like to believe that these folks are paid shills; it would make more sense.

    I love FOSS, I run Ubuntu Linux on a Mac Pro, and I own a jailbroken iPhone on which I can install whatever I want using dpkg and apt-get (yes, Debian tools are the jailbreakers' favorite ones).

    I have tried Android, and while I love the fact that Android is based on Linux, I have found that a jailbroken iPhone offers me much of the same flexibility.

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