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OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) Won't Support Some 64-bit Macs With Older GPUs 417

MojoKid writes "Apple is pitching Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) as the cat's meow, with over 200 new features 'that add up to an amazing Mac experience' — but that only applies if you're rocking a compatible system. Some older Mac models, including ones that are 64-bit capable, aren't invited to the Mountain Lion party, and it's likely because of the GPU. It's being reported (unofficially) that an updated graphics architecture intended to smooth out performance in OS X's graphics subsystem is the underlying issue. It's no coincidence, then, that the unsupported GPUs happen to be ones that were fairly common back before 64-bit support became mainstream."
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OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) Won't Support Some 64-bit Macs With Older GPUs

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  • AGAIN? (Score:3, Informative)

    by Crudely_Indecent ( 739699 ) on Wednesday July 11, 2012 @05:19PM (#40620509) Journal

    Holy upgrades Batman!

    If they make the next version of X-Code support only Mountain Lion like they made the current version only support Lion - I'm going to scream! Because my clients wanted to support features of the latest iOS, I had to upgrade to a new Mac because my older model couldn't run Lion - which is required for the latest X-Code.

  • by jo_ham ( 604554 ) <joham999NO@SPAMgmail.com> on Wednesday July 11, 2012 @05:25PM (#40620599)

    First Post because my graphics card is awesome!

    Actually, the GPU in the Retina MBP is not all that awesome - the huge pixel density is pushing the Nvidia 650M in the retina Macbook Pro to its limits, causing some performance issues compared to the equivalent desktop on the non-retina version. Examples include rapid scrolling on webpages and so on.

  • by Baloroth ( 2370816 ) on Wednesday July 11, 2012 @05:33PM (#40620755)
    It isn't just the graphics card, you need a a Mac with a 64-bit EFI (Ars Technica [arstechnica.com] article has more detail at the bottom).
  • EFI32 (Score:4, Informative)

    by dmitriy ( 40004 ) on Wednesday July 11, 2012 @05:52PM (#40621109) Journal
    Mountain Lion kernel is 64-bit only, and requires 64-bit EFI firmware. Older systems have 32-bit EFI. Unofficial Chameleon EFI emulator can run 64-bit EFI on some older systems.
  • by bsane ( 148894 ) on Wednesday July 11, 2012 @06:03PM (#40621317)

    First gen MBPs are 6+ years old... so fans can still brag about the 5+ year life...

    Math is hard.

  • by Jeremiah Cornelius ( 137 ) on Wednesday July 11, 2012 @06:14PM (#40621547) Homepage Journal

    If you are uncertain of the date from which your Mac was produced, I suggest the CoconutID freeware. [coconut-flavour.com]

    It ID's your MacBook (or other model) and pegs the manufacture date within a few days of precision. Clever - it can also perform a lookup and see if a Mac with your ID has ever been reported as stolen. Interesting, for some eBayer's. ;-)

    If you ARE on and Mac portable, look at their Coconut Battery app, at the same location. Great for managing battery age, charge history and cycles. It got me free replacement batteries at the Apple Store, on two different machines/occasions. I haven't ever managed that with Sony or Lenovo...

  • by tyrione ( 134248 ) on Thursday July 12, 2012 @04:19AM (#40625621) Homepage

    I have a 5yo Vaio that is perfectly capable of running Ubuntu with XP and Win7 VMs (for testing websites in IE7-9). My (web designer) colleague has a 5yo Mac that he can't even run any 2yo browsers on NATIVELY!?!

    And when X Windows or Wayland requires OpenGL 3.x throughout the OS to run then we can talk. OS X 10.8 baseline profile for OpenGL is 3.2. That means system-wide Quartz Extreme is accelerated via that baseline profile. Seeing that GNOME and KDE latest are just now sucking hind tit with OpenGL ES 2.0 bits which is a subset of OpenGL 2.x it is rathers clear that older GPUs will be supported on those DEs. If they don't complain when KWin and GNOME's equivalent requires OpenGL 3.x accelerated GPUs tells me they'll have grown up.

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