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New Mac Virus Discovered, Making the Rounds 239

sl4shd0rk writes "A new Mac OS X exploit was discovered Friday morning by Kaspersky Labs which propogates through a zipfile attachment. The attachment tricks the Mac user into installing a variant of the MaControl backdoor via point-and-grunt. Embedded in the virus is an encrypted IP address belonging to a server in China which is believed to be a C+C server. Once installed, the virus opens a backdoor allowing the attacker on the C+C server to run commands on the compromised machine. Shortly after Kaspersky's announcement, AlienVault Labs claims to have found a similar version of the Mac malware which infects Windows machines. The Windows version appears to be a variant of the Gh0st RAT malware used last month in targeted attacks against Central Tibetan Administration. Both viruses are suspected of being tools in a campaign to attack Uyghur Activists."
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New Mac Virus Discovered, Making the Rounds

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  • by BronsCon ( 927697 ) <> on Friday June 29, 2012 @10:01PM (#40501395) Journal
    I was refering to the user, not the system. Lion's a consumer OS with a focus on consumption of media and apps, rather than a general purpose OS, like Snow Leopard. Mountain Lion is only a step further in this direction.
  • by Uberbah ( 647458 ) on Saturday June 30, 2012 @10:16AM (#40504365)

    This. Right here. Is why. It. Is. Dangerous. To claim. Your. Platform. Does. Not. Have. The same. Security needs. As. Any. Other. Platform.

    Speaking perfectly normally: they don't. Trojans have existed on Unix variants for decades, but that doesn't mean that the Unix community has been the cesspool of malware that Windows has been. Same for Apple.

    If Nintendo ran ads touting the lack of a Red Ring of Death on the Wii, would that equate to saying that the Wii has had zero issues with malfunctioning hardware? You should see a doctor about that broken sense of proportion.

    some people do truly think that Apple can do now wrong and that

    Which people, exactly. Periodically I'll ask haterz on Slashdot to point some out, and it usually goes like this:

    So where are these fanboys, exactly.
    "Everywhere, just look around!"
    You'll have no problem finding some examples then

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