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Microsoft: Macs 'Not Safe From Malware, Attacks Will Increase' 290

An anonymous reader writes "Microsoft researchers have analyzed a new piece of Mac malware that uses a multi-stage attack similar to typical Windows malware infection routines. In a post titled 'An interesting case of Mac OSX malware' the Microsoft Malware Protection Center closed with this statement: 'In conclusion, we can see that Mac OSX is not safe from malware. Statistically speaking, as this operating system gains in consumer usage, attacks on the platform will increase. Exploiting Mac OSX is not much different from other operating systems. Even though Mac OSX has introduced many mitigation technologies to reduce risk, your protection against security vulnerabilities has a direct correlation with updating installed applications.'"
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Microsoft: Macs 'Not Safe From Malware, Attacks Will Increase'

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  • by drerwk ( 695572 ) on Saturday May 05, 2012 @08:57AM (#39900967) Homepage
    Until MS ports Office to Linux, Linux is safe from this particular vulnerability.
  • by flyingfsck ( 986395 ) on Saturday May 05, 2012 @09:28AM (#39901095)
    OK, so compare viruses on servers then. Linux clearly runs the vast majority of servers compared to Microsoft. So how does Windows Server stack up security wise? The difference is in the design.
  • Re:"Get the Facts" (Score:4, Interesting)

    by jellomizer ( 103300 ) on Saturday May 05, 2012 @09:57AM (#39901203)
    It comes down to the more popular your OS is, the more problems you will get with security.
  • Re:"Get the Facts" (Score:5, Interesting)

    by hairyfeet ( 841228 ) <bassbeast1968 AT gmail DOT com> on Saturday May 05, 2012 @05:15PM (#39904157) Journal

    The reason why you don't see Linux desktops getting targeted is for multiple reasons, 1.-interoperability is shit, the lack of a unified platform that keeps third parties from touching Linux with a 50 foot pole also keeps away malware writers because the best they could score is say...40% of UBUNTU users, but that same attack probably wouldn't work on RHEL without serious tweaking, or on PCLOS, or on Mepis, you get the picture, 2.- Malware writers want powerful machines because the more powerful the machine the more they can remain hidden while cranking out the spam or spreading the bug. Not to slam Linux users but you DO have a shitload of "How to save that PC from the dump" articles which would give an outsider the impression they are more likely to find a P4 than an i7, and 3.-Malware writers are criminals and criminals are notorious for being lazy. they don't want to have to constantly rewrite their bug because something got fiddled with between Ubuntu maniac monkey and nutty narwhal and their shit got broke. With both Windows and Apple having quite clearly labeled life cycles this makes it easy to know how long a bug could be good for.

    If you want to see how badly Linux would get pwned if it was on the radar simply look at android. it has tons of ordinary users, is using the Linux kernel, and has been royally assraped by the malware guys. in the end you simply cannot defeat reality which is thus: ALL Operating Systems are EXTREMELY complex, with literally millions of lines of code all having to interact perfectly and this isn't even counting the third party stuff. hell I doubt even Linus can tell you with 100% certainty when you launch say network manager every single call it will make and what every interaction is, its simply too complex. More than 90% of the planet are NOT geeks, hell they don't even come up to the level of a power user of any system, they know just enough to get it to function and that is it, and finally the malware guys figured out long ago its the USER that is the juiciest target, after all it is they that have the keys to the kingdom so by using social engineering they have become quite adept at getting past the defenses by having their "man/woman on the inside" aka the user, help them achieve their goals.

    So it doesn't matter what OS you use, you practice safe computing you'll be fine, practice stupid computing you'll be pwned. For those that think the repos are safe might want to look at how long the repos were handing out an infected Quake 3, try a year and a half. If a malware writer truly wants to target Linux there are ways, target some of the software that isn't as heavily monitored or like I said simply target the users [] and you're in like flynn.

    Now you watch as I get modded down for pointing out reality, to be followed by those that treat Linux as a religion (Some call them Freetards, I call them FOSSies because they remind me of Moonies) scream that it just isn't possible, that linux's magical goodness could never be tainted by malware crap...hmmm...where did I hear that before? Oh yeah those that bowed at the altar of Jobs, aka "The Cult of Mac". Wouldn't it be smarter to simply use the best tool for the job and be on your guard? But those that treat tech like ballclubs won't quit rooting for the home team, even when they strike out.

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