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Will Apple Let Siri and Apps Connect? 185

holy_calamity writes "Developers want to know when their apps will be able to connect to Siri, the virtual assistant built into the new iPhone 4S. Technology Review reports that providing APIs for Siri would not only make it possible to control apps with casual voice commands, but could also make Siri smarter if it is connected with other AI services able to do things like make very specific restaurant recommendations based on a person's past actions."
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Will Apple Let Siri and Apps Connect?

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  • Prediction: (Score:2, Insightful)

    by gman003 ( 1693318 ) on Wednesday October 19, 2011 @01:53PM (#37764664)

    At first, Apple will refuse to do this. They may integrate it with their own apps, but no third-parties.

    Later, either after enough developers wave enough money in their face or Android integrates a clone of Siri, they'll open it up and suddenly get massive amounts of credit and praise for "revolutionizing the computer interface" and all that crap, proving once again that nobody in the media has any memory for events more than a year old.

  • by wisebabo ( 638845 ) on Wednesday October 19, 2011 @01:55PM (#37764698) Journal

    If people really like using Siri, then what's to keep Apple from using it as the front end for their own (or another party's) search engine?

    It's all about who's closest to the user. Just as Microsoft feared their OS dominance would mean nothing if everyone spent their time in browsers, if search engines are pushed "beneath" these attractive voice interfaces, Google could be made irrelevant (on Apple devices anyway, especially because Apple will never let another company release something like Siri on iOS or Mac OS X).

  • by BitZtream ( 692029 ) on Wednesday October 19, 2011 @04:24PM (#37766666)

    Why is this marked as Interesting? If you'd have bothered to even watch the demo of Siri you'd already know the answers. Siri isn't ALWAYS listening, you have to request its attention.

    If you talk to Siri in an incoherent manner, its not going to do anything other than say 'what?' which is exactly the kind of response your going to get if you say 'fri' and nothing else at Siri now.

    If you walk up to me on the street and just say 'fri', I'm going to be just as confused as Siri.

    You narrow Siris domain by helping it with context .... you know, like you do in language with people, this isn't hard.

    'Create a new appointment on Friday' or 'How do I fry sqaush' or 'what am I doing on friday'. And all of those things have enough easy to spot context that Siri can limit its search to an individual app very quickly.

    Basically, you got marked as interesting for asking retarded questions that anyone who watched 10 seconds of video about the product already knows the answer too. Jesus, have you not even seen the TV commercials?

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