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iOS 5 Update Available 473

tekgoblin writes "Apple has released the iOS 5 update. To update to iOS 5 just open iTunes with your iDevice connected to your computer and press update. I recommend doing a manual backup of your iDevice and make sure all your apps are transferred."
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iOS 5 Update Available

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  • by _xeno_ ( 155264 ) on Wednesday October 12, 2011 @03:01PM (#37693996) Homepage Journal

    That didn't take too long to fail. Click on "Update," and it tells me I have to update iTunes. OK, fine, go do that. Computer reboots.

    Take 2. Click on update, it downloads the nearly 700MB iTunes update, and makes a backup.

    And then crashes, opening an Apple KB article that tells me I have to update iTunes in order to install the update. Er... I already did that?

    I'll just uninstall iTunes and ... oh, wait, you can't do that on Mac OS X. You have to follow some magic instructions that involve deleting kernel extensions and rebooting three times. I'll have to look that up and ... oh, hey, Apple's support site now 503s.


    Oh, hey, it hard-crashed my phone. I'll just pop out the battery to reboot it, and ... oh, crap. That's right, the Apple official way to restart a crashed iDevice is to let the battery drain. I'd link to the article, but their support site is down.

  • by BitZtream ( 692029 ) on Wednesday October 12, 2011 @03:20PM (#37694280)

    Really, in a year my iPhone will be all laggy, slow and unintuitive as an Android phone? Guess I'll have to switch to something better by then.

    You can talk like Android is bad ass, but anyone who's used both knows your just being a fanboy. Its one thing to prefer one over the other, but when you go off and do things like this everyone knows your nothing more than a mouthy fanboy and you get blown off by everyone except other rabid fanboys.

  • by fishnuts ( 414425 ) <> on Wednesday October 12, 2011 @03:57PM (#37694758) Homepage

    When Android became decent: When more than 5 major players in the mobile communications market realized they have a strong, extensible, customizable platform to build a phone on (Samsung, Motorola, LJ, HTC, Sony-Ericsson, etc)
    When Android became stable: From personal experience, I've only had to hard-reset my phone twice in the last year. The OS has a few minor inconsistencies, but they're specific to my model and Sprint-customized release of the OS, thus caused by something other than just "being Android"

    When Android became something people desire on their phones: Years ago when people realized they could buy a very capable smart phone with features Apple doesn't offer, and not be locked into one carrier or one manufacturer.

    Crappy screens: You must have only experienced a small screen on an old phone. At least half the Android phones sold now have resolution and screen size equivalent or better than iPhone's, and some even offer 3D (Which I've played with, and is quite cool)

    Netflix must have taken "years" because, like many other vendors, Netflix may have had an exclusivity agreement with Apple for a while, or they're just a slow adopter of technology that's outside of their primary distribution path (Personal computers). I don't remember having any problem using Netflix from within my web browser, anyway, so it's not like the system was completely unreachable from Android users.

    5% of the games available for iOS? This is quite subjective. iOS may have 20 times as many games on the iTunes store, but there are still only 50 or so games that dominate both markets, the other 10,000 games get buried in the noise and never take off, so your point is moot.

    Most Androids have talk times of 2 hours? [Citation Needed] I've experienced talk time over 3.5 hours on my Samsung, because I was close to a cell tower and had GPS/Bluetooth/WiFi disabled. Conversely, I've known people who've complained that their iPhones had short call times, due to either old batteries that they've been unable to replace, or due to being far from the cell tower. "Most Androids" is subjective and depends on the experiences you've exposed yourself to.

    The back button on the Android has completely random behaviour because you must have been using an app that randomly changed its function. In my experience, and the experience of most Android users, the back button does what it needs to do. At worst, it serves exactly three functions: 1) Previous screen within an app, 2) previous page in the web browser, or 3) previous page in a settings dialog. If that's too many functions for you to handle in one button, I'm sorry.

    Any changes in behavior caused by the vendor is something you should bring up with the vendor. I happen to enjoy having the choice of what vendor to buy from or what OS version to use. Last I heard, if something in iOS didn't do what you liked or what you expected, you have absolutely no choice to change it or choose another OS vendor. Sorry that you're so bitter about this.

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