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Apple Now Offering Free Recycling For PCs 172

MrSeb writes "Do you have a few old, dusty beige-box computers kicking around that you'd like to turn into money? Or perhaps you'd just like to get rid of them, but you lack the means to dispose of them properly? Well, if you're in the US you're in luck: Apple will now provide postage-paid packaging to allow you to recycle your old laptop or desktop PC and its monitor for free, and if it's worth anything, you'll even get an Apple Gift Card in return. In addition, your old iPhone or iPad can now be returned for an Apple Gift Card, too."
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Apple Now Offering Free Recycling For PCs

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday August 10, 2011 @04:31PM (#37048642)

    I'm sure that is common practice in Atheistic Socialist Hell-scapes but...

    In the United States we pray for Invisible Hands [] to solve our problems...

    Bless his noodly appendage...

  • Re:reminds me... (Score:4, Insightful)

    by idontgno ( 624372 ) on Wednesday August 10, 2011 @04:34PM (#37048678) Journal

    this is good, bringing a little more green-ish stuff to the world

    I really hope so, as opposed to being shipped off to some unfortunate third-world scrapper [] who'll slowly poison dozens of children in outdoor sweatshops.

    For all the visibility this will have, I expect that Apple will try to be careful to avoid that. But in the past, many "computer recycling" offers have cut out the hard parts and passed the savings on to themselves.

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