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Apple Releases Mac OS X Lion, Updates Air 453

steffann was one of several readers to note that Apple has released OS X Lion for $30 available only through the Mac App Store. It's a 4 gig download so you better not be in a hurry. Lots of new stuff both cosmetic and functional. But if you're the sort of person who is going to install it today, then you already know what they are! They also updated the Air lineup, dropping the old white MacBooks entirely.
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Apple Releases Mac OS X Lion, Updates Air

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  • by Calos ( 2281322 ) on Wednesday July 20, 2011 @10:57AM (#36823684)

    That seems rather arbitrary. Why would they do this?

  • by node 3 ( 115640 ) on Wednesday July 20, 2011 @01:45PM (#36825980)

    Not all Macs are purchased at an Apple Store; some are purchased at Best Buy or at independent Apple authorized retailers.

    100% irrelevant. Apple Stores will help you in their stores no matter where you bought your Mac. Also, third party stores will be able to give you access to a locally cached copy of Lion once you've purchased it.

    You keep acting like this is a common situation. It's contrived, solely to find some reason to bitch about something that won't be a problem for most people.

    And for those whom it is a problem, that's the way their life is. They can't watch Netflix, they can't buy TV shows from iTunes or watch Hulu, or buy games on Steam. Even YouTube is a pain. And OS updates that can exceed 1GB? Same issue. It's not like they are exactly the sort of people who are champing a the bit for the latest and greatest anyway. They can make for for a few weeks until physical media is available, assuming they can't avail themselves of the many other options until then.

    Apple has multiple solutions for the small minority who will have problems. You are exaggerating the issue.

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