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Apple Ordered To Pay $8M For Playlist Patents 104

An anonymous reader writes "A federal jury in Texas has decided against Apple in a patent infringement lawsuit and ordered it to pay $8 million to Personal Audio LLC, a patent licensing company (aka troll). The lawsuit started in 2009. Last year Apple's three fellow defendants (Sirius XM Radio, Coby Electronics and Archos) settled. Apple said the patents were invalid and not infringed. The patent holder demanded $84M and will now get about 10% of that amount. Juries in East Texas frequently rule in favor of patent holders. In the same district court Lodsys has already filed four lawsuits. In one of them it targets seven app developers and Apple has moved to intervene. The first two developers were already given a deadline: they must answer Lodsys's complaint by July 21, unless they request an extension."
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Apple Ordered To Pay $8M For Playlist Patents

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  • TEXAS (Score:4, Insightful)

    by just_another_sean ( 919159 ) on Monday July 11, 2011 @08:59AM (#36719144) Journal

    Oh boy, here we are again. All I had to read was

    A federal jury in Texas has decided against Apple in a patent infringement lawsuit

    It's too early on a Monday to go any further; I think I just might be sick to my stomach if I do.

    emphasis mine

  • by DarthVain ( 724186 ) on Monday July 11, 2011 @09:11AM (#36719290)

    I have zero sympathy for these tech companies. Apple, MS, Sony, all of them troll those waters, and sue each other as often as they can. The actually seem to want to protect this and continue this practice. So when one of the big guys that file 1000's of these things each and every YEAR, actually get boned by some little troll somewhere, I can't exactly get too worked up about it. They built the house, they get to live in it.

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