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Jailbreakme 3.0 Released 102

Beardydog writes " has been officially updated, providing the first public method for jailbreaking the iPad 2, and the easiest method for jailbreaking most other iOS devices. The jailbreak works with iOS 4.3.3, and it is recommended that users update before a new release from Apple closes the vulnerability exploited by the jailbreak."
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Jailbreakme 3.0 Released

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  • by Vokkyt ( 739289 ) on Wednesday July 06, 2011 @07:10PM (#36676872)

    Since a few others followed in your footsteps here, it should be noted that Comex even mentions on the site that he simultaneously released a patch for the flaw he's using. As it says on the website:

    "Along with the jailbreak, I am releasing a patch for the main vulnerability which anyone especially security conscious can install to render themselves immune; due to the nature of iOS, this patch can only be installed on a jailbroken device. Until Apple releases an update, jailbreaking will ironically be the best way to remain secure."

    The Jailbreak community has been very open about possible security holes created by Jailbreaking, and the core Jailbreaking sites all have guides on securing your iDevice. Between that and backing SHSH Blobs, you basically can jailbreak ad arbitrium and not have to worry.

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