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Samsung Withdraws Counter-Suit Against Apple 172

tekgoblin writes "Samsung has withdrawn a counter-suit against Apple in their ongoing legal battle which concerns similarities in the iOS device lineup against the Galaxy S lineup from Samsung. The counter-suit concerned the design of the user interface being very similar to that of Samsung's: 'related to fundamental innovations that increase mobile device reliability, efficiency, and quality, and improve user interface in mobile handsets and other products.'"
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Samsung Withdraws Counter-Suit Against Apple

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  • by greentshirt ( 1308037 ) on Sunday July 03, 2011 @01:51PM (#36647318)

    The entire point of Android is openness and flexibility. If you do not like the stock manufacture-themed flavor of Android on your phone, you can use an app like Rom Manager to change to a different one. Can you do that on an iPhone? In Soviet Russia, rhetorical questions ask you.

    As far as the battery being bad, you're doing it wrong. With no OS tweaks, and using just the stock Samsung ROM on the Captivate, battery is on par with any other smartphone. Sure, if you have your bluetooth, wifi, and gps permanently turned on, and your screen brightness cranked to maximum, you will run out of juice - but really, if that's how you're operating, your iPhone, your Blackberry and even your laptop will run out of juice as well. Forgetting stock for a moment though, using apps like Juice Defender to manager resource hogs, using a kernel that lets you undervolt and set different power regulators (eg, turn CPU to 100mhz when screen is off, etc) and making sure your application data-sync settings are set to realistic intervals will do magic for your battery life. In Sovie Russia, power manages you.

    If you're using Android and complaining about the UI, you're doing it wrong. There is simply no other mobile operating system that provides you with so much easy customization. Even on your stock ROM you can download a different (and free) launcher from the market - say ADW. It will give you so much customization (and preset themes) that you will find it difficult to stop tinkering. You like the MIUI interface? Swell, just download the ADW MIUI theme and use it on your stock ROM. Choice is good, no?

    Finally... are you really complaining about default-bloatware? Don't like an application? Uninstall it. Want a different application to use as a system default? Download it. From replacing your text messaging software, to the soft keyboard, to the camera, to the email client, to the browser, to the system launcher... Android gives you choice.

    The only real problem with Android is that it treats people as intelligent beings who will make rational choices and decisions. As Apple dwarfs almost every other technology firm, a few things are made clear: people are fickle, buy image and brands over features and benefits, and there are more stupid people on the planet than intelligent ones. I'm not saying anyone who uses an Apple product is in this category, there are many legitimate reasons to use an iPhone or an iOS device over anything else. What I'm saying, however, is that Apple has very specifically targeted the "dumb market" and lures them in with an unparalleled branding and marketing strategy that has people who shouldn't own a calculator buying $700 smartphones.

    Google played this one brilliantly, Android is here and the irony is delicious. Apple lost the original Mac vs PC war at the onset due to control-freak behavior. They guarded their technical details jealously, IBM did not, it became easier to write for IBM hardware, clones began to appear, etc, etc, etc. Perhaps that didn't work out too well for IBM as a company, since their core business was consumer hardware and they lost that to clones, but Apple was the bigger loser. $DEITY smiled on them and gave them a second chance in the personal electronics and mobile computing realms. Rather than learn from the past and avoid losing the market again due to the same kind of control-freak behavior, they are doing the exact same thing again. In a decade, Android will be ubiquitous because every hardware maker gets to use it, and iOS devices will once again be relegated to a tiny share of the market. The technology market moves and shakes very quickly. All it will take is one line of highly successful Android MP3 players, phones, or tablets to completely reshape the field. All it will take is a sophisticated branding campaign from a hardware manufacturer who is saving millions on developing their own operating system and diverting those funds into marketing. It's not a matter of if, but rather, when. As for Google, they just wanted a mobile OS to eat advertising revenue from, and that's exactly what they got.

  • Re:Who gives a shit! (Score:3, Interesting)

    by abigor ( 540274 ) on Sunday July 03, 2011 @02:57PM (#36647580)

    I guess Xerox wasn't a corporation, but some sort of charity? Anyway, Xerox PARC was founded in 1970, making it pretty improbable that everyone "ripped off" Xerox in the 1960s. And the first mouse was invented at SRI and first shown at The Mother of All Demos in 1968, along with various other stuff we take for granted today. I guess Xerox "ripped off" SRI then, in your simple-minded universe.

    In exchange for allowing Apple to make use of their work, Xerox was allowed to buy pre-IPO Apple stock. Welcome to the world of business.

    You're sick of Apple fanboys? I'm sick of clearly non-technical people spouting rage at an industry they have absolutely no idea about.

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