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Mac OS X Lion Has a Browser-Only Mode 231

dkd903 writes "It turns out that there is a feature in OS X Lion which no one expected and was never announced at WWDC. The feature we are talking about is 'Restart to Safari.' As you might have guessed from the name, this feature makes it possible to restart the Mac into just the Safari browser and nothing else."
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Mac OS X Lion Has a Browser-Only Mode

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  • by Hazel Bergeron ( 2015538 ) on Monday June 13, 2011 @07:45PM (#36430520) Journal

    Because it's by far the most functional, open, well-supported, cost-effective desktop computing environment in the world. While other offerings have some of these features in greater measure (Linux - openness would be the obvious one), no other choice has an adequate measure of them all.

  • Re:STR (Score:4, Insightful)

    by mr100percent ( 57156 ) on Monday June 13, 2011 @07:48PM (#36430552) Homepage Journal

    It's likely this could be great for Kiosks and a more bare-bones Guest login

  • by Hazel Bergeron ( 2015538 ) on Monday June 13, 2011 @08:05PM (#36430740) Journal

    The fact that Apple and/or its faithful manage to make a big deal out of every 20 year old idea is not "negative spin". Whether it's Apple itself knowing how to drum up good PR or just insufferable fanboys preaching the word, it makes the Mac community a painful one to be around.

    I've "switched to Mac" three times in my life and switched back again within a couple of years, each time leaving with a bad taste in my mouth: the first was with a Mac Plus, as the alternatives had already played and won catch-up; the second time with a PowerMac 8600 and G3 Wallstreet, as I seemed to have got in with the most religious thick-headed user group I've ever had the misfortune to encounter; the last time was with a white iMac C2D (the "educational" edition with the awesomely powerful GMA950), which managed to enter partly unsupported status before I'd even reached my third year of AppleCare and which by the last 6 months I was mostly only using in Windows 7 - everything I wanted to do in OS X I could do on Windows 7, and then I can do so much more.

    I bet I'll try Mac a fourth time though, given another half decade of rest and recovery. And I still love my Mac Plus.

    I must be some sort of masochist.

  • by exomondo ( 1725132 ) on Monday June 13, 2011 @08:19PM (#36430878)

    I don't understand.

    because not everyone is stupid enough to see executing the browser instead of the shell as a great new feature

  • by chappel ( 1069900 ) on Monday June 13, 2011 @09:48PM (#36431540) Homepage

    I've thought for years that windows should have a 'boot to Outlook' feature for executives; allow the entire available space of the drive to be used for indexed email storage to avoid having to decide which emails to delete, and load office programs by clicking on attachments, but don't confuse them with any other interface than just Outlook.

    And optionally support rebooting by holding it upside down and shaking.


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