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Apple Acknowledges MacDefender 314

Trailrunner7 writes with an article in threatpost "Apple is planning to release an update specifically designed to protect users against the MacDefender malware that has been circulating for the last couple of weeks. The update for Mac OS X will automatically find and remove the malware on an infected machine and also will warn users if another infection attempt is detected.
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Apple Acknowledges MacDefender

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  • Kudos to Apple (Score:2, Interesting)

    by RogueWarrior65 ( 678876 ) on Wednesday May 25, 2011 @10:08AM (#36238436)

    IMHO, Apple is taking the bull by the horns and not only fixing the problem personally but also not charging an annual fee for the privilege of cleaning your system. Well done.

  • Re:Oh, great (Score:4, Interesting)

    by Luckyo ( 1726890 ) on Wednesday May 25, 2011 @10:54AM (#36238900)

    Early PC stuff was a joke too. Give it some time to get going.

  • Re:Can't fix stupid (Score:4, Interesting)

    by gnasher719 ( 869701 ) on Wednesday May 25, 2011 @11:48AM (#36239604)
    Well, the wording of the default is wrong and provokes user errors. The default is "Do you want to exit without saving" / default NO, and apparently users tend to pick the positive answer "YES". The default should be "Do you want to save before exiting" / default YES. Then when users pick the positive answer "YES" they get the more desirable result.

    (Some software that I wrote ages ago had two functions "Add new record" and "Edit existing records". Customer complained that every time they added a new record, some random record would disappear. I couldn't find a bug anywhere. So I displayed the number of records in the system in a very visible place (I think in the window title). The problem disappeared. ) Why the problem disappeared is left as an exercise to the reader.

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