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Rumors Pointing to September iPhone 5 Ship Date 93

tekgoblin was one of many submitters to send in rumors about the next iPhone's ship date. "Reuters in a tweet have just confirmed that the iPhone 5 will start production in July and ship in September according to their sources. Originally rumors had stated that the iPhone 5 had already started production back in March."
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Rumors Pointing to September iPhone 5 Ship Date

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday April 20, 2011 @09:00AM (#35879310)

    Rumors for nerds - stuff that may or may not be true.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday April 20, 2011 @09:02AM (#35879342)

    that does not matter.

    what matters is that you will not have the most recent version of the iphone anymore.
    you have to buy the new one.

  • by MikeRT ( 947531 ) on Wednesday April 20, 2011 @09:10AM (#35879432)

    Instead of complaining [slashdot.org] about the iPad costing a few thousand publishing jobs, why not ask why there are no companies in the US which can do the fabrication (cost-effectively!) on US soil to take over from the Tsunami-damaged areas of Japan...

  • Re:iPhone (Score:2, Insightful)

    by RobotRunAmok ( 595286 ) on Wednesday April 20, 2011 @09:33AM (#35879662)

    I wonder if you'll be able to ./configure, make, make install programs written on this small computer?

    It's a phone, dear. If I wanted to ./configure, make, make install programs, I'd build a small computer and run Linux on it.

    ...oh, wait, I already did that, over fifteen years ago. Then I got over myself and moved on.

    EVERYTHING is or contains a computer today. When a company manufactures a phone and advertises it gives a user the ability to do Linux-y things, it's just their way of trying to get the "geek" buy. Kind of like how, when they make a pink "Hello Kitty" case for it, they are bidding for the tween girl buy. It's all just Marketing; don't let yourself be a victim of it.

    People want a phone to make and receive phonecalls, text, answer e-mail, and play Angry Birds. They also want to be made to feel special and part of some elite cadre as well - that's where the Linux-ness and Hello Kitty bits come into it.

    Too bad the folks at Droid didn't realize until too late that they could have captured the same "geek" buzz -- and more of it -- more inexpensively by just shipping a bunch of phones with "limited edition" Bobba Fett cases.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday April 20, 2011 @09:37AM (#35879716)

    Another troll modded insightful and interesting, I'm getting so sick of this shit. I could understand "funny" but really Slashdot, WTF ?

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