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Apple Adding "Do-Not-Track" To Safari 126

bonch writes "The latest developer preview of OS X Lion includes a 'do not track' privacy feature in Safari, the latest browser to do so following Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer. The feature complies with a privacy system backed by the FTC that allows users to declare that they do not wish to be tracked by online advertisers. This leaves Google Chrome as the last prominent browser not to support the feature. As an online advertiser themselves, Google states that they 'will continue to be involved closely' with industry discussions about compliance with the do-not-track system."
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Apple Adding "Do-Not-Track" To Safari

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  • so i have ie, firefox, chrome, safari, and opera always installed on every one of my machines (work/ mobile/ home)

    sometimes i'll randomly launch browsers just to get a feel for the user experience ("___ is not your default browser, would like to make..." ad infinitum). i'm sure if slashdot data mined the HTTP_USER_AGENT server variable attached to user circletimessquare they'd see an odd 5 piece pie chart

    but after reading this post, i foresee the chrome pie piece experiencing a significant decrease in size

    c'mon google, what the fuck

    and this is why competition works. if only ie dominated, as in years past, there's be little or no pressure to introduce this feature. honest fair competition (in a well-regulated marketplace) means the consumer wins

    one final aside: i love opera. that's one scrappy browser. they always seem to have the most exotic features that leave your mind excited rather than eye-rolling (like bit torrent support baked in). supporting opera, unfortunately, is an afterthought in most browser development projects i've been attached to, and in the past, it suffered from the same hijinks as ie6/7 which left you angry at it and resentful (not so much anymore). but i've always tried to support opera. and its not just sentimental love for the underdog, opera is a really good browser, you should try it (no i'm not affiliated with them in any way). i believe its hot in nordic countries (which makes sense, since its from there) and eastern europe

  • Re:Google Analytics (Score:4, Interesting)

    by dzfoo ( 772245 ) on Thursday April 14, 2011 @09:32AM (#35817058)

    You'd be surprised to know that Safari disables third-party cookies by default, with the presumption that they are used mostly by advertisers. This is irrespective of the legitimate uses of third-party cookies, however few they may be.

    I can clearly imagine Apple enabling the "Do Not Track" feature by default, seeing that there is no other context for it than to protect the user from tracking by advertisers.


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