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WP7 Predicted To Beat iPhone By 2015 377

WrongSizeGlass writes "InformationWeek is reporting that Windows Phone 7 will overtake Apple's iPhone by 2015 according to IDC. IDC predicts 2015 will bring: Android 45.4%, WP7 & WinMobile 20.9%, iOS 15.3%, RIM 13.7%, Symbian 0.2%, and 'Others' 4.6%. These numbers would move WP7 into 2nd place and leave iOS in 3rd place with a slightly smaller piece of the smart phone pie than they current hold (15.7%). The author of the InformationWeek story isn't buying IDC's forecast, because of WP7's anemic sales to date and Microsoft's recent stumbles with its first two updates. I have to wonder if WP7 will still be Microsoft's smartphone OS in 2015 or if they'll have moved to WP8."
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WP7 Predicted To Beat iPhone By 2015

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  • Re:IDC (Score:5, Funny)

    by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday March 29, 2011 @06:51PM (#35660008)

    "Seems like they're pulling numbers out of a hat to me."

    I don't think so. I'm pretty sure they have to twist and lean to one side to reach the place where they're pulling their numbers from.

  • by w0mprat ( 1317953 ) on Tuesday March 29, 2011 @07:20PM (#35660372)
    As soon as Microsoft puts Kinect-like functionality in a phone or tablet, Android, iOS and others will have nothing to counter it. .

    WP7 was a great attempt and was very slick and new which briefly made iOS and Android look old news at the time. But it was too little too late into a saturated smartphone market.

    Kinect sold ten million in a few months - outselling all ipods iphones and ipads and being extremely impressive for any new technology release. But we're all still so obsessed over shiny smartphones that we're ignoring Microsoft's meteoric sucess with Kinect and failing to talk about the obvious next move from MS. Kinect is, quite frankly, is a real revolutionary change in interfaces. Something which it owns and it's competitors don't. Multi-touch was more an evolutionary gimmick wrapped in masterful marketting hyperbole. It's cute, but touch screens have been around a long time and are stupendously overrated: ultimate your hands are in the way of the display.

    This is all if Microsoft actually gets it's shit together of course, something it's competitors have been doing better the last 9-10 years. If it does, it suddenly makes Windows mobile getting more market share entirely plausible.

    One things for sure, gaming on smartphones is underwhelming - Apple sure isn't doing it right. Microsoft has proven sucess with gaming.

    (Grips his android phone a little tighter)
  • by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday March 29, 2011 @07:32PM (#35660508)

    How does motion control work for portable electronics? Does proud Johnny Doe stop walking, put the phone down in the middle of the sidewalk, take 10 paces, and then start waving his arms before screaming across to his phone?

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