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Aussie Security Forces Testing Apple's iOS 58

lukehopewell1 writes "Australia's Defence Signal Directorate (DSD) is testing the national security capability of Apple's iOS mobile operating system for use on federal networks that transmit national security data. If the operating system is certified as secure, Australian Defence Force personnel, government aides as well as ministers and senators at all levels could see iPads deployed as standard."
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Aussie Security Forces Testing Apple's iOS

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  • Re:Anecdote (Score:5, Insightful)

    by Bert64 ( 520050 ) <bert.slashdot@firenzee@com> on Thursday February 24, 2011 @06:35AM (#35298114) Homepage

    Security standards as a whole are like that, based on checklists, and the checklists have flaws in them which vendors will often exploit...

    For instance, one of the requirements may be "must encrypt all user data using a recognised encryption algorithm", however they will miss something like where the key should be stored, so you end up with the key being stored on the device where its easily retrieved thus rendering the encryption pretty worthless.

    On the other hand, the threat is often overhyped... The majority of people who would steal something like an ipad are petty criminals who care about how much cash they can get by selling the device, they couldn't care less what data it contains.

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