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Apple Forces Steve Jobs Action Figure Off eBay 233

Hugh Pickens writes "Kevin Parrish writes in Tom's Guide that last month, just in time for Christmas holiday gift-giving, M.I.C. Gadget began the manufacture and sale of a Steve Jobs action figure featuring an oversized head, Steve's trademark black shirt/blue jeans outfit, and a new iPhone 4 like a magical world-saving talisman in Jobs' left hand. The action figure, selling for $79.90, came with an Apple logo stand and cartoon balloons for writing custom messages. Soon a warning letter from Apple stated that the figurine violated a California statute prohibiting the use of a person's likeness in a product without prior authorization and sales ceased. But shortly after production stopped, the figurines began to appear on eBay selling for up to $2,500. Now Apple's lawyers have raided the online marketplace, zeroing in on one Canadian eBay seller who had already sold the figurine for $1,125 and eBay has removed other listings, telling sellers that the object for sale 'violates a celebrity's right of publicity.'"
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Apple Forces Steve Jobs Action Figure Off eBay

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  • by CuteSteveJobs ( 1343851 ) on Saturday December 25, 2010 @09:59PM (#34668106)
    We're entitled to free speech, but increasingly the world is under the control of companies we can't function without.

    Recently we saw Visa, Mastercard, Paypal and an opportunistic Swiss bank all take advantage of Wikileaks plight to either seize their funds and/or stop them receiving any more funds.

    Now here's eBay stopping people from engaging in perfectly legitimate trade. Satire is Free speech, you know. But who has the money to appeal this all the way to the Supreme Court. Only the very wealthy can afford justice.

    With the big end of town merging and competition shrinking I can see the day where you just have a few players (as happened with credit cards) where you can be turned into an unperson just because a handful of big companies decide they don't want to do business with you.

    Don't expect Congress to defend your rights. As we saw in with their Copyright Extension Act (the "Mikey Mouse Act") they always rush to codify the wishes of their biggest donors. Don't expect the courts either. The Supreme Court decided recently that companies can pour as much cash as they like into election campaigns. Roberts & co. aren't going to defend our rights.

  • by CharlyFoxtrot ( 1607527 ) on Saturday December 25, 2010 @10:53PM (#34668264)

    This is Slashdot.
    Only company we are allowed to indiscriminately hate and make fun of is Microsoft. Sorry... Micro$oft.

    Other corporate entities are free game from time to time - but never Apple.
    Also, badmouthing Linux, penguins in general and in some cases Natalie Portman will almost certainly get you in serious trouble.

    Where have you been? Apple is in the dog house, all the cool kids are turning a blind eye to Google's bullshit now.

  • by shadowbearer ( 554144 ) on Saturday December 25, 2010 @10:58PM (#34668286) Homepage Journal

    This has nothing to do with free speech.

      It has everything to do lazy, greedy stupidity. Some idiots at a company figuring they can get rich from selling a cheap plastic replication of Jobs (I don't know what drugs they were on when they dreamed it up, and I don't want to know) and then part of Apple's legal division - apparently with nothing better to do - figuring they might make some money in suing said idiots into the ground and, just possibly, buying the dead company in the future; in order to make money on it ala Lucas? WTF?

      Stupidity: Meet Stupidity. May the off of the bottom dwellers feed on each other until nothing is left but the rubber soles of their shoes and a few expensive, indigestible tie clips.

      Both sides of this fracas disgust me. I could express a wish that they'd go find something useful to do with their lives, but I know it would not make a damned bit of difference.


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