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iBook Store Features Leave Indie Publishers Behind 146

jfruhlinger writes "Apple has introduced some new features to its iBooks store in order to make illustrations and fixed layouts possible — something particularly important for children's books. But at the moment, it seems these features are only available for big publishers, not indies. This is not dissimilar from the controversy that brewed over indie labels' access to iTunes LP."
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iBook Store Features Leave Indie Publishers Behind

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Monday December 20, 2010 @03:00PM (#34618806)

    Dude, you're aware that exceedingly few artists, however famous, have really made any money from the selling of their recordings, right? Even famous ones are starving by that metric. Now the fame brought by the recording industry makes their performances much more profitable, true. Artists make most of their money from performances. By the metric of performance earnings, artists are making more than ever, while the recording industry is suffering. Also, more indies are making more money than ever. And while most of them do in fact struggle, that's more in the nature of a small business than the fame thing. There's really just no defending the recording industry - there is no valid excuse for the level of exploitation involved. Art and artists historically have done, and are doing now, just a bit better without the industry than they did with the industry. With the exception of the famous, which happens to include many singers who can barely carry a tune along with the very most talented.

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