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Iphone Apple Idle

The World's Most Expensive iPhone 20

Arvisp writes "British designer Stuart Hughes, 38, of Liverpool, was commissioned to make two of the bespoke handset by a mega-rich Australian businessman. The handset is wrapped in more than 500 individual flawless cut diamonds totalling 100 carats. It features two interchangeable diamonds which fit over the 'home' button - a single cut 7.4 carat pink diamond and a rare 8 carat single cut flawless diamond which are together worth more than £4 million. The back of the phone is plated in rose gold and the Apple logo glitters with 53 diamonds."


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The World's Most Expensive iPhone

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  • How Gaudy! (Score:2, Insightful)

    by darthdavid ( 835069 )
    Never seen anything more gaudy or tasteless in my life! They should have used an android phone instead ;).
  • by Anonymous Coward

    I got Apple to make me my phone in only a single, secret edition. They charged me 700 million in R&D expenses and made me sign an NDA so big it had to be brought in through the window by piano movers. If they even found out I was talking about this, my life would be over.
    (To protect myself from retaliation I have changed all the identifying information in this post including the exact amount paid, the product in question, and the name of the company.)

  • Few things depreciate faster than technology. So I honestly wonder what will happen to this phone in five, ten years from now. You can't wear it. It can't be easily, esthetically mounted to a wall. Maybe it can find a home in a display case somewhere? A couple hundred years ago any diamond encrusted object could/would become an heirloom. All I see happening to this device is quick transition into a very expensive piece of trash.
    • by Xyde ( 415798 )

      Well, a 5 year old iPhone (the original metal back one) is still reasonably on par with any current Android phone. Perhaps lagging a little specs wise, but well within the same ballpark to any casual observer. I'd say in 5 years the iPhone 4 will still be just fine, if it hasn't smashed yet.

  • I bet this businessman got rich by pimping.
  • Stay classy, Australia!
  • by ErikZ ( 55491 ) *

    That looks...terrible.

    How come when people decide to throw millions of dollars at a project like this, they won't spend 10k on an artist to make it look good?

  • It costs this much to fix them? and is it Austrian or Australian Mega rich Businessman ? being a UK not US source might actually be Australian
  • Such a waste! For that price, he could have gotten 5M one-£ hooker-bots.

  • With all that cr... glitterstuff around it. Can you call with it? Maybe this is a more... expensive solution for the iPhone4? (you don't touch the antenna quest of all the rocks)

  • That's an awful lot of money to spend just to fix the iPhone 4 antenna problem... I wonder who well this fix works?
  • it doesn't have the interchangeable home buttons though.

    just FYI.

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