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Chinese 'Apple Peel' Turns iPods Into iPhones 178

angry tapir writes "The Apple Peel 520, a Chinese-developed product that drew the media's attention for being able to turn an iPod Touch into an iPhone-like device, is coming to America. The add-on device, which just went on sale in China, has been billed as a more affordable option for users wanting to get their hands on an iPhone, but lacking the budget."
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Chinese 'Apple Peel' Turns iPods Into iPhones

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  • To use a Fark meme (Score:3, Interesting)

    by Sycraft-fu ( 314770 ) on Wednesday September 29, 2010 @04:53AM (#33732070)

    LOL WUT?

    Are you serious? Have you looked at the Chinese market? China does very little innovation. Their economy is nearly entirely based around either producing things to the specifications of other companies (some of their best known places like Foxconn do this) or to copying devices that other made. China is big on knockoffs. You innovate, they'll copy.

    Even when they try and innovate, it is often rather shallow. For example China has been trying to enter the CPU market with the Loongson processors. So, some amazingly new innovative system right? No not at all. It is just a MIPS chip, and not a very good one. Initially they just copied the architecture and tried to work around patents, now they simply license it. So a bit of innovation I suppose, it is a new chip, but not much.

    The Chinese economy is many thing but innovative it is most certainly not. That is just not how they've based it. That may change but currently they are all about building things that others designed. Often times it is a work for hire, other times it is straight up copying/fraud.

  • Re:It is a phone (Score:3, Interesting)

    by aristotle-dude ( 626586 ) on Friday October 01, 2010 @01:02PM (#33761326)

    my android phone lasts 3 days if i don't run games or listen to music. also, i can recharge it on any USB port in the world, a compatible cable (micro USB) is dirt cheap.

    and i only have to carry one device.

    Uh, the iPhone/iPod touch charges on USB. A micro USB cable is still not a standard USB cable so there is no real difference. Just carry the the dock connector to USB cable with you and you can charge on any plane with a USB port in the seat back or on any USB port you find on a computer. I find it hard to believe that you cannot carry a USB to dock cable with you. It takes up about the same space as any other USB cable other than the dock connector end being a bit bigger.

    The iPhone has the advantage of being compatible all around the world including in Japan. Many android phones do not work in Japan because they generally do not support as many frequencies.

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