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The Android Gets Its HyperCard 256

theodp writes "Steve Jobs & Co. put the kibosh on easier cellphone development, but Google is giving it a shot. The NY Times reports that Google is bringing Android software development to the masses, offering a software tool starting Monday that's intended to make it easy for people to write applications for its Android phones. The free software, called Google App Inventor for Android, has been under development for a year. User testing has been done mainly in schools with groups that included sixth graders, high school girls, nursing students and university undergraduates who are not CS majors. The thinking behind the initiative, Google said, is that as cellphones increasingly become the computers that people rely on most, users should be able to make applications themselves. It's something Apple should be taking very seriously, advises TechCrunch."
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The Android Gets Its HyperCard

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  • by Lythrdskynrd ( 1823332 ) on Monday July 12, 2010 @11:10AM (#32874776)

    What's more is that this application will bring programming "back" the the masses.

    I'm a (former) high school teacher myself, and I'm getting near jitters thinking about how fired up my kids would get if they could program their own mobile phone app with the same ease of making a Powerpoint Presentation (younger students *LOVE* making powerpoint, quite often "reward time" would be "if you're all good, I'll let you make a powerpoint about whatever you want")

    Think about how amazing it would be to teach a whole year class about creating an App for your phone. "Think of a problem that needs solving" - what buttons do you need? what do the buttons have to do? now draw the screens on paper, now draw the buttons in the interface... now here's how we add "actions" to the buttons.

    Want to do something that's more complex? Maybe we need to look "behind the design, at the code"

    How many people here grew up on the Apple ][ or on BASIC programs for the C64?

    This is fucking revolutionary! What a great time to be alive!

    I'm so excited I think I just peed a little :)

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