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Google Releases Chrome 5.0 For Win/Mac/Linux 347

ddfall writes "Four months after the release of version 4.0 for Windows, Google has announced the availability of Chrome 5.0 for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux — the first stable release to be available on all three major platforms. Chrome 5.0.375.55 is available to download from Users who currently have Chrome installed can use the built-in update function."
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Google Releases Chrome 5.0 For Win/Mac/Linux

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  • Sweet... (Score:3, Interesting)

    by ak_hepcat ( 468765 ) <leif@de n a l i . net> on Tuesday May 25, 2010 @04:18PM (#32340752) Homepage Journal

    Maybe now they'll "officially" release Android 2.2 with chrome built-in...

  • by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday May 25, 2010 @04:18PM (#32340768)

    I think that's just a reflection of how Chrome is a sleek, fast, efficient browser, while Firefox has rapidly become a bloated, memory-wasting slug.

    I'm not joking, either. It's far easier to develop for WebKit-based browsers, because they're designed intelligently, unlike Gecko-based browsers.

  • yay? (Score:5, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday May 25, 2010 @04:19PM (#32340770)

    I used to be looking forward to this day; I used Chrome until the day my http:// disappeared. Due to that, I'm sticking with Firefox.

  • by jaavaaguru ( 261551 ) on Tuesday May 25, 2010 @04:23PM (#32340848) Homepage

    Why would I download Chrome when I already have Chromium which gets updated automatically by Update Manager, remaining consistent with everything else on my laptop?

  • Vertical tabs? (Score:1, Interesting)

    by MrEricSir ( 398214 ) on Tuesday May 25, 2010 @04:26PM (#32340880) Homepage

    Have they added vertical tabs yet? As someone who generally has at least 15 tabs open, I can't use the current incarnation of Chrome due to the horizontal tabs.

    Anyone know if this is fixed yet?

  • Re:Correction (Score:2, Interesting)

    by jaavaaguru ( 261551 ) on Tuesday May 25, 2010 @04:32PM (#32340950) Homepage

    That's not how it works. If you download the .deb file for Chrome 5 from Google's site, it does not get updated by the package manager. It also doesn't get updated the way the Windows version does. It really looks like you'd have to update it yourself. According to help, there should be a button on the about box to check for updates. The Linux version doesn't have this.

  • Sidebars? (Score:5, Interesting)

    by simp ( 25997 ) on Tuesday May 25, 2010 @04:34PM (#32340982)

    Does Chrome now support a bookmark sidebar? With the wide-screen TFTs everywhere these days a bookmark sidebar has become a must-have for me. I cannot stand bookmark pull-down menus. And to make things worse Chrome has put the default Bookmark menu in the upper- right hand corner of the screen, which for some reason is a place of the screen where my cursor never is.

  • by ChipMonk ( 711367 ) on Tuesday May 25, 2010 @04:41PM (#32341088) Journal

    The whole german wifi debacle is making this company just as hot to handle as facebook.

    I don't think so.

    I do. The common mantra seems to be, "Enough privacy to get people to stop complaining." Google, Facebook, Myspace, Microsoft, Apple, Adobe are all guilty of this thinking, and they're showing no sign of letting up.

    Some may argue that "people" should be replaced with "governments," but that's a pointless swap. Governments are made of people, and people will complain about privacy abuses to governments, knowing full well that it won't do any good to complain to the abusers.

  • Yeah, obviously. (Score:1, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday May 25, 2010 @04:58PM (#32341338)

    That's why none of them can do proper ad-blocking (which actually prevents downloading the ads) nor proper NoScript (the per-domain needs to be the source domain of the script and not just the page URL).

  • Re:yay? (Score:1, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday May 25, 2010 @05:16PM (#32341588)

    Because users who want to know what their browser is doing want to see it, that's why. No other justification is needed.

    No, they don't. This is example of geek/programmer projecting a personal desire onto normal users.

    One of the commenters on the CNET story on the issue compared it to the Windows practice of hiding file extensions, which is a good analogy.

    No, that's a stupid analogy. Distinction between SSL and non-SSL is only purpose for (HTTP) protocol display. URL bar coloring is superior for this purpose. Other protocols should be visible/unsupported (preferably latter).

    We know how well that worked out (click here on mysterious_attachment.doc{.exe} and see what happens!)

    No, this incident stopped at Vista, and maybe post-SP XP. Downloaded files cannot be executed normally.

    Sure, the protocol name may be gabble to most users, but at least the information's there, right out front.

    Information for what?! That they're on the web? No duh, dummy!

    And occasionally it even leads them to educate themselves, asking a more technically knowledgeable friend, "What is that http thing, anyway?"

    Do you also want to in-your-face-know all the codecs responsible for delivering the programming content to your TV? Most people don't even *use* the URL bar.

    It's a browser, http(s) is assumed. So now it's hidden. Big deal.

  • Re:Vertical tabs? (Score:3, Interesting)

    by mugurel ( 1424497 ) on Tuesday May 25, 2010 @05:33PM (#32341820)
    It's not that absurd. Having a widescreen monitor (as is common nowadays), my experience is that there is very little vertical space for web content after subtracting space for tool/status/menu bars. At the same time, there's lots of empty horizontal space. Because of that, I switched to vertical tabs in Firefox recently and am pleased with it.
  • Re:yay? (Score:4, Interesting)

    by laddiebuck ( 868690 ) on Tuesday May 25, 2010 @11:30PM (#32344696)
    Rather agree with you except the bit about snapping to word boundaries. If you complain about that, you vastly underrate its importance. I get that with xterms, not text entry fields, but I tell you, double-clicking on the beginning word and right-clicking on an ending word (or blank at the end of the line) to select is so much damn easier than trying to drag the mouse so precisely from the beginning of the selection to the end. Just that way of selecting has probably saved me days of computer time, and that's with me very rarely using the mouse (in an xterm). It's one of the only things I think a mouse is useful for in an xterm.
  • uh (Score:2, Interesting)

    by revxul ( 463513 ) on Wednesday May 26, 2010 @06:50AM (#32346342)

    4 months? What exactly warrants/constitutes a full version number increase for Google?

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