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Apple iPod with Video and WiFi Capabilities? 225

An anonymous reader writes "Apple is currently seeking an engineer for its iPod hardware division. However, they are not looking for just any engineer. They are seeking an engineer with WiFi and Video integration experience. 'The iPod group is looking for a Hardware Engineer. Experience in the following areas is important: system integration, digital logic, SDRAM, Flash, ASIC's, processor selection, ATAPI, various communication protocols (ie: GSM, Bluetooth, IEEE 802.11, Firewire, and USB), display types and video and analog integration.'"
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Apple iPod with Video and WiFi Capabilities?

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  • Diamonds (Score:4, Interesting)

    by Klar ( 522420 ) * <curchin AT gmail DOT com> on Monday August 30, 2004 @02:42PM (#10110833) Homepage Journal
    I'm supprised they aren't looking for more jewlers after making P Diddy a diamond iPod [tacyltd.com].. damn
  • by Trurl's Machine ( 651488 ) on Monday August 30, 2004 @02:43PM (#10110857) Journal
    I think in the next future Apple will improve its often underlooked yet very interesting piece of hardware - the Airport Express [apple.com] base station. Since we have now iTunes music streaming to your home stereo system, video streaming to your home cinema system sounds like the next logical step. I'd rather expect this "engineer" to work in this field. I don't believe in video iPod as it would be simply not feasible. You can walk the street and listen to the music, you can't walk the street and watch a movie (especially not on a 3-inch screen). At least not unless Apple introduces some nano-implants allowing the movie to be streamed wirelessly directly to your retina...
  • The Ultimate Plugin? (Score:5, Interesting)

    by Dark Paladin ( 116525 ) * <jhummel@joh[ ]mmel.net ['nhu' in gap]> on Monday August 30, 2004 @02:48PM (#10110916) Homepage
    Apple should probably know by now that the iPod has a lot of "value added" potential, outside of the music player.

    It functions exceptionally as an MP3/AAC/AIFF/Audible player - no dispute about that. It works well as an audio recorder from what I've heard. And it also functions "decently" as a calendar/address book/note taker.

    Apple might be seeing something beyond a "video iPod". Personally, based on what Mr. Jobs has said, I'd be surprised if it went that route. Most people I know don't care to be watching video as they walk/exercise/work/drive.

    But what if the iPod became more of a hub? Take the current Airport Express device - 802.11 device plus audio player and print server. What if your iPod could wirelessly transmit audio to it, so you wouldn't need another computer on all the time - just pick up the iPod, and it would be like a little remote. Or you enter the room with your iPod, and the Airport Express starts playing what's on there, so you have seamless music from your earphones to your speakers.

    Imagine if that could be done with video as well - just take the videos you made with iMovie or one of Apple's major movie editors, and plunk it onto the iPod. Now you can go to the other room and demo the movie on the TV set.

    Remember how The Lord of the Rings was downloaded onto iPods and transferred to the editing room? Imagine a digital video camera that, instead of a small tape, just plugged in an iPod - direct from video to hard drive, and then just plug it into the computer and edit away. Or, if you have a digital camera, same thing - and now you can wirelessly transmit those photos to your computer for editing/emailing and the like.

    So rather than a "video iPod", I wonder if Apple won't make the iPod an extension of the "digital hub" idea. Of course, knowing Apple, those features will work best with a Mac - but if they get other companies like HP to jump on the bandwagon and support these functions with their devices and software, Apple won't care - they'll still be selling iPods and cashing in the checks at the bank.

    Of course, just an idea. I could be wrong.
  • Re:Disinformation? (Score:3, Interesting)

    by AKAImBatman ( 238306 ) <{akaimbatman} {at} {gmail.com}> on Monday August 30, 2004 @02:53PM (#10110968) Homepage Journal
    Assuming this job ad is real, it wouldn't be that big of a surprise. For one, Apple did the same thing amid the rumors that iTunes would be ported to Windows. Apple later confirmed this. For another, I thought that Apple had already stated that video was a direction they were considering taking the iPod. Why are we bothering with this front page post when we already know it's coming?

    Besides, Microsoft has already started releasing specs for their own portable multimedia handhelds. Apple announcing that they're working on one doesn't change things a bit. You see, Apple doesn't want to be first. They want to be second so they can learn from their competitor's mistakes. Just like they did with the iPod. :-)
  • Plug-ons (Score:3, Interesting)

    by mveloso ( 325617 ) on Monday August 30, 2004 @02:54PM (#10110986)
    You'd think that all this stuff (wi-fi, video) could be plug-ons for the iPod, much like the Media Reader and microphone.

    Why burden the base unit down with this stuff when you can blast it to a plug-on? As long as the firmware supports it, of course.
  • by jcr ( 53032 ) <.moc.cam. .ta. .rcj.> on Monday August 30, 2004 @02:58PM (#10111025) Journal
    Who the heck would want to program in Objective-C?

    More people than you think, AC.. We get a *lot* of applications for every open req around here.

  • Re:Disinformation? (Score:4, Interesting)

    by sulli ( 195030 ) * on Monday August 30, 2004 @02:58PM (#10111028) Journal
    Not necessarily. Supply a long list of (possibly) relevant skills, and then narrow down requirements when you meet with the candidate under NDA. If you're trying to keep plans top-secret, this is a good way to do it - it's not as if Apple had any shortage of candidates to hire, or they hired solely based on the response to an online ad.
  • by NeoCode ( 207863 ) <unnamedplayer@r[ ]rs.com ['oge' in gap]> on Monday August 30, 2004 @03:01PM (#10111048)
    Oh vanity, thou name is a dimond studded ipod [engadget.com]
  • Apple Psyops... (Score:5, Interesting)

    by macthulhu ( 603399 ) on Monday August 30, 2004 @03:01PM (#10111049)
    I think they get together in the boardroom once in a while and come up with stories to mess with people. Apple has a history of setting the bar on new tech, yet they don't (for various reasons) often get the credit for doing so. Perhaps it's a dual effort... Their "competitors" get thrown into confusion trying to figure out who they'll need to reverse engineer the product as soon as it's available, and the forums on places like /. go crazy trying to speculate what it is, and how it will perform... despite complete ignorance to what the product is.

    If I were running Apple, I would do it just to read what all of us armchair quarterback types have to say about it. Think about it... People's guesses may be combinations of tech that Apple didn't think of yet, and they get free market feasability research at the same time. Plus, it's funny.

    Of course, if I were running Apple I'd stop making products that get handled a lot out of white plastic (iPods, keyboards, and the like).

  • by Deep Fried Geekboy ( 807607 ) on Monday August 30, 2004 @03:10PM (#10111119)
    The iPod's core functionality for me is as a data repository. That includes music, so it plugs into my car stereo. But it is also one of my backup drives, and emergency boot disk, plus it has all my contacts and calendars on it. Mine is one of the old ones so it doesn't record audio, but if it did I would certainly make use of that functionality.

    I could care less if I can watch movies on it -- I think the portable movie-player market is tiny anyway. Functionality that WOULD be great for me would be a firewire CF card-reader that was fast enough to transfer 1GB microdrives while I'm shooting with my 1Ds. The current Belkin adapter is simply too slow to be of use.

    It makes sense to add wireless to the iPod because as I say its core functionality seems to be data storage and data streaming. It does NOT want to be a portmanteau data-display device. I really hope they don't go there.

    Of course once it has some wireless capability, you're gonna be able to check email with it, right?
  • Re:Shipping (Score:2, Interesting)

    by jhurshman ( 722388 ) on Monday August 30, 2004 @03:11PM (#10111122) Homepage
    If I recall correctly, the difficulty in obtaining iPods is more due to the constrained supply of the Toshiba hard drives they are built around than to anything Apple has control over.

  • by mykepredko ( 40154 ) on Monday August 30, 2004 @03:16PM (#10111163) Homepage
    I would think that a want ad posted on /. would be the worst case scenario for any HR department. Instead of looking at three or four people that do have the requisite knowledge and skills, Apple is going to be so overwhelmed with thousands of people claiming to have experience in all the areas ("hey, I hooked up my own WiFi network at home, can plug in USB flash disk keys and I can almost always transfer my digital videos") that they are going to go nuts vetting and responding.

    A more interesting story might be is hearing how Apple worked through all the applications this piece generated.

  • by xtermin8 ( 719661 ) on Monday August 30, 2004 @03:21PM (#10111223)
    I would think that with the library of music and movies Sony owns, and its electronic audio/video division, it should be way ahead of the computer company. Will Sony come out with a next-generation portable entertainment device? Will Apple beat them to the punch? Stay tuned!
  • Re:Archos (Score:3, Interesting)

    by smart.id ( 264791 ) <jbd@jd8[ ]om ['7.c' in gap]> on Monday August 30, 2004 @03:57PM (#10111594) Homepage
    Yep, you're right. Archos already has the Video iPod. *cough* Did they do some kind of deal with Apple like HP?
  • Apple OQO (Score:1, Interesting)

    by weenis ( 656512 ) on Monday August 30, 2004 @03:57PM (#10111596)
    my hopes and dreams see an apple version of the OQO . . . now that would me me cream my pantz!
  • Why work at Apple? (Score:3, Interesting)

    by superpulpsicle ( 533373 ) on Monday August 30, 2004 @04:45PM (#10112030)
    Especially under Steve Jobs, who's notorious for a nasty attitude toward engineers. Isn't it just a hostile environment.

    If you were that good of an engineer why work at Apple? Why not pick and choose. Go to Creativelabs/Sony and give them an edge and more.

  • by slashdot.org ( 321932 ) on Monday August 30, 2004 @05:04PM (#10112201) Homepage Journal
    Of course you failed to mention the other alternative, which is that Apple _removed_ that section. (which is, what it sounds like, what happened)

    Still, looking at job adds is an old trick for competitors and journalist to 'research' a company, and Apple of all places should know that.

    On the other hand, it's not terribly reliable though. I've known plenty of companies that posted job openings that did not exist, just to get competitors on the wrong foot.

    So this 'news' really isn't 'news'. What it basically says is either:
    a) Apple is going to do something with video; their job add said so and then they tried to cover it up, see?
    b) Apple wants there to be some spread of rumors about video; they released a fake job add and then deleted certain parts to make it more believable.

    (b) is maybe too tin-foil, but if I can think of it, I'm sure the people at Apple can too.
  • by callipygian-showsyst ( 631222 ) on Monday August 30, 2004 @05:31PM (#10112440) Homepage
    Gee, it's a lot like the Portable Media Center [microsoft.com]! Cupertino, start your photocopiers!

    I hope there are enough Pixo people left at Apple to write the software.

  • Remote sounds most likely. I see a couple possibilities...

    1. AirTunes-capable überDock. Play AirTunes from your iPod over 802.11g with a Bluetooth remote. This would involve the various protocols: FireWire & USB for the dock, 802.11g for the network, Bluetooth for the remote...

    2. iPod PVR? Store video to your iPod & play it at any A/V capable dock or computer. Not, repeat not to play video on your iPod. Just as you can purchase audio copies of various radio broadcasts, you could purchase video copies of television programs at the Apple Media Store. Same simple anti-copy restrictions would apply. H.264 codec w/ FairPlay wrapper?

    I don't see Apple putting the time and money into making the iPod more expensive for a feature set that so few people will use (wireless xfer, video iPod).
  • Airport Express? (Score:2, Interesting)

    by bidule ( 173941 ) on Monday August 30, 2004 @09:15PM (#10113798) Homepage
    Hold your horses. Why does it have to be iPod?

    Couldn't it just be a sign of further developments around Airport Express?

    Or is it that /. RDF is becoming stronger than Jobs?

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