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New Audio Products for Mac OS X Excite Reader 42

Curious__George writes "I'm excited about a couple of new tools for audio for Mac OS X. One is the freeware WireTap from Ambrosia, which allows you to record any audio playing on your Mac, saving it to a file for later listening or processing. Its functionality will be built into an upcoming edition of Ambrosia's Snapz Pro X screen capture product. The other is a product that will be shipping by the end of the summer from Griffin called RadioSHARK (retail: $49.95), which is essentially a radio TiVo for your Mac: a software-controlled AM/FM radio that allows you to record radio programs (either local or Internet broadcast). I'll never miss a broadcast of This American Life again!" Curious__George might also get excited about the new Detour from Rogue Amoeba -- makers of AudioHijack, a predecessor to WireTap that has more capabilities -- which allows detouring sound output from different apps to different devices.
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New Audio Products for Mac OS X Excite Reader

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  • for a second there that Excite had created their own Acrobat Reader-like software for OS X...
  • by medeii ( 472309 ) on Monday July 21, 2003 @06:34PM (#6494703)

    The URL points to Griffin Technologies, a strange manufacturer with a poorly-designed site. It should point to Griffin Technology [] instead.

    • he URL points to Griffin Technologies, a strange manufacturer

      Or maybe the submitter of a non-story to slashdot whom accidently submitted his own roller cleaner website instead of the great peripheral manufacturer...

  • Detour == sweet (Score:4, Interesting)

    by GoRK ( 10018 ) * on Monday July 21, 2003 @06:37PM (#6494726) Homepage Journal
    Man that detour app looks killer. I sure wish something like that had been available on windows about 3 years ago when I really needed it. Ah well, at least it's fairly easy to do on Linux.. :)

  • by switcha ( 551514 ) on Monday July 21, 2003 @06:45PM (#6494776)
    to streaming archives [] of the show you won't have to miss
    • Some of us prefer adio formats that:
      1. don't suck.
      2. are more portable than real audio.

      From someone who has been recording and mp3 encoding TAL for the past several years. It was not hard to do this with AppleScript and Mpegger...
  • by seinman ( 463076 ) on Monday July 21, 2003 @06:58PM (#6494845) Homepage Journal
    I'm a Slashdot reader, and i'm excited about the massive amount of pornography that I downloaded this morning. Where's my story?
  • Stream Ripper (Score:5, Informative)

    by jamienk ( 62492 ) on Monday July 21, 2003 @07:15PM (#6494941)

    Stream Ripper is GPL and good enough (records streaming web broadcasts to MP3).
    • Re:Stream Ripper (Score:1, Informative)

      by Anonymous Coward
      Much more powerful than StreamRipperX... Try RadioLover []. Records multiple streams at the same time, and chops up the stream into songs or segments!

      [source: website]
      - Record Internet radio streams as individual MP3 songs
      - Schedule recordings of your favourite daily or weekly shows
      - Record multiple radio streams at the same time
      - Split and organise recordings by song, time, or size
      - Import radio streams from the Web and iTunes 3 or 4
      - Automatically save, file and tag MP3s
      - International language str

    • If you look at the source you'll see that it simply uses curl -L to do this. Stream Ripper X is mostly just a pretty interface for that and a couple of other minor features.
  • by bennomatic ( 691188 ) on Monday July 21, 2003 @08:44PM (#6495496) Homepage
    I hope this isn't too off-topic, but wasn't there once something that let a Mac monitor the subtitles (i.e. for hearing impaired) channel of a TV broadcast looking for certain words. So for example, you could set it to watch for "Iraq" or "President" or "international oil-mongering conspiracy", and when it caught those words, it would pop up a video feed on-screen...

    Is there anything like that around today that compatible (both hardware and software required for this one) with current Macs?

  • Confusing title (Score:1, Offtopic)

    by Thing 1 ( 178996 )
    I am an Excite [] reader (I read it for news daily, in addition to /.), so I read it as "new audio products for Mac OS X [including] Excite reader".

    I was all set to read about a text-to-speech enhancement for OS X. Laugh at me.

  • by goombah99 ( 560566 ) on Monday July 21, 2003 @11:15PM (#6496338)
    The apple DVD player does not decode the DOLBY DTS digital 5.1 sound. (It does permit the 2-channel emulation via dolby pro-logic available on all home theater systems or sonicas). The only multi-channel audio dvd player for mac osx is the VLC player and frankly its buggy as hell and without hardware acceleration (that the apple product uses), its video chatters.

    the new G5 computers have optical outputs, perfect for multi-channel sound. So when is apple going to release a multi-channel aware dvd player app?? anyone heard any rumors?

  • by Anonymous Coward on Monday July 21, 2003 @11:15PM (#6496342)
    Griffin's retail support sucked ass when I ordered my PowerMate. They shipped it Airborne, Airborne lost it (claimed to have dropped at door, no signature--someone was at home all day). Airborne said to call Griffin. Griffin said to call Airborne. This went on for days.

    In a particularly galling example of piss poor customer service, a Griffin rep claimed they "had no legal obligation" to reship or refund. They found out otherwise when they got the chargeback from my bank, I imagine.

    Successfully ordered without incident from Small Dog Electronics (no affiliation except as a satisfied customer).

    • I, on the other hand, had the exact opposite happen. Well, mostly opposite (is that even possible?) Anyway..

      I was going to order from simply because I have dealt with them several times before, including my iBook purchase. They were even a couple of bucks cheaper for my PowerMate and the iMic (rca, line input to usb for audio in for computers with no audio in) so I figured I'd save a couple of bucks. Turns out, that macmall charges twice what Griffon charges for shipping. Both use Airborne Two
  • This American Life (Score:4, Insightful)

    by vivekb ( 111127 ) on Monday July 21, 2003 @11:52PM (#6496524)
    Offtopic: if you really enjoy This American Life, consider getting a subscription from []. Without listener support, TAL (and public radio in general) won't last.

    And the sound quality is better than live recording would be, as well.
  • More new stuff!! (Score:4, Interesting)

    by bangalla ( 648729 ) on Tuesday July 22, 2003 @01:17AM (#6496802)
    The quantity of good quality software being written for OS X is amazing. A big thankyou to all of the Mac developers, especially the new ones, who are helping to build such a great desktop platform. Good freeware tools are essential to keep the platform growing. Once people move over to the Mac they can then start looking at more professional packages if they want them, but being able to do everything they'd like to try as soon as they get their Mac is an invaluable point when considering a switch. The Mac user community needs to educate their peers about how good our platform is with clear examples of all of the good options we have. Dave
  • In other audio news (Score:3, Informative)

    by coolmacdude ( 640605 ) on Tuesday July 22, 2003 @01:29AM (#6496834) Homepage Journal
    Apple has resleased their own sound editing app, Soundtrack []. This was previously available as part of Final Cut Pro, and is now a standalone app for $299.
  • This American Life (Score:3, Insightful)

    by Triv ( 181010 ) * on Tuesday July 22, 2003 @02:36AM (#6497139) Journal

    How bout you look into getting a subscription to This American Life [] at audible [] so that the artists get a little extra something for their work if you really want to support them.


  • Griffin (Score:4, Informative)

    by martingunnarsson ( 590268 ) <martin&snarl-up,com> on Tuesday July 22, 2003 @03:17AM (#6497257) Homepage
    Griffin technology really make sexy things! I just got a PowerMate (USB volume knob that can be programmed to execute any key combination in any program) and I just love it! Yum!
  • More on Audio Hijack (Score:5, Informative)

    by nicky_d ( 92174 ) on Tuesday July 22, 2003 @04:37AM (#6497437) Homepage
    I'm a big fan of Audio Hijack - the first piece of shareware I ever found irreplacable enough to purchase - so I thought I'd expand a little on the 'more capablities' comment for anyone mildly interested (but not to the point of clicking the link). AH lets you record any source with the usual encoding options, and offers you a timer utility so you can set yr Mac to kick off at 4am or 1pm or whenever you happen to be in bed, and snag that shipping forecast / radio soap / opera/ whatever. Good feature, but I've never used it, because the killer IMO is the VST / AudioUnit support - you can plought the signal through any number of plugin effects before it hits the hard drive. Pack in a free VST grain delay, pitch shifter, bitcrusher and reverb and you can turn any sound source into a live glitch-up session and get some turly incredible results for the price. Or just hijack a DVD sountrack while you watch and use AH to bump the pitch up an octave. Paid for itself the first time I did that, easily.
  • I was just looking for an app like this a couple weeks ago.. nice to see that it's freeware to boot!

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