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Apple Updates SuperDrive Firmware 53

mmarlett writes "(Potentially) In your software update panel: 'The Power Mac G4 SuperDrive Firmware Update installs new firmware on the SuperDrive which addresses an incompatibility with 4x DVD-R and 2x DVD-RW media, and the 2x SuperDrive in the Power Mac G4. You must perform this update if you intend to use 4x DVD-R or 2x DVD-RW media in your Power Mac G4. This update also enables you to eject audio CDs that are copy-protected or have mastering errors. This update is required only for the Power Mac G4 (Digital Audio), the Power Mac G4 (Quicksilver) and the Power Mac G4 (Quicksilver 2002) with an internal Apple SuperDrive.'"
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Apple Updates SuperDrive Firmware

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Friday November 08, 2002 @08:43AM (#4624329)
    "eject audio CDs that are copy-protected or have mastering errors" should be "eject audio CDs that are copy-protected or have other mastering errors"
  • by Draoi ( 99421 ) <draiocht@[ ].com ['mac' in gap]> on Friday November 08, 2002 @08:50AM (#4624347)
    This update also enables you to eject audio CDs that are copy-protected or have mastering errors.

    A bit redundant, that last part .... ;-)

  • Not for everyone (Score:5, Informative)

    by ekrout ( 139379 ) on Friday November 08, 2002 @09:55AM (#4624619) Journal
    I searched Google news and found some interesting information.

    Apparently, for this firmware upgrade, Mac OS X 10.1 or later is required.

    There is no indication from Apple of similar updates for SuperDrive-equipped 17-inch iMacs or Power Mac G4s. The company makes it clear in the documentation that this update is intended solely for 15-inch flat panel iMacs equipped with SuperDrives.

    So, be sure to realize this update isn't for anyone and everyone with a SuperDrive.
  • by shippo ( 166521 ) on Friday November 08, 2002 @10:13AM (#4624771)
    I have an iBook with a combined DVD/CD-RW drive, and this has problems handling CDs with mastering errors.

    I had one CD that due to a pressing error had a large blob of paint on the reverse side. I inserted it without checking the underside, and then had severe problems attempting to eject the disk. I had to reboot and hold down the trackpad button to get the disk out.

    I've also got an audio CD that isn't copy-protected, but has a hidden track at the start. This too appears to lock up the drive, and won't eject without a reboot or a bent paperclip.
    • I've seen the same thing. The latest "Queens of the Stone Age" locks up the iBook, but my two G4's have no problem with it.

      Even a manual eject left the iBook in a state where it couldn't read any CD.

      I'd love to apply this firmware update, but I've got a hacked firmware that makes the DVD player region-free. It also looks like nobody is interested in making a new region-free ROM image based on these latest firmware changes.

    • I'm curious - did it just lock up the drive, or did it actually make the system become unusable? I've seen the latter happen with a malformed mixed-mode CD (I was working on creating one and it took a couple tries to get everything right). Didn't crash the OS, but might as well have. I couldn't start new gui programs but I could ssh in ok. However, sudo reboot would never actually reboot the machine - it would take down most processes and then hang waiting for something (presumably in the CD I/O subsystem). Basically I had to hit reset at that point.

      When I got my CD burned properly, it was no problem. But even with bad data, the system should never hang like that, so I hope they will fix it! (yes, I submitted feedback about this, but I suspect it's not the most direct path to the developers involved)

  • Somebody already posted this link [] to apple's website up there somewhere. What worries me is the sentence: >One of our suppliers, Pioneer Electronics, Inc., >has advised that some of its DVD-R/CD-RW drives >(including some Apple SuperDrives) may be unable >to recognize the new high-speed media, and that >using this media may permanently damage the >drive. So you stick a new DVD in and get a fried drive. Good deal. Must be doing wonders for Pioneer.
    • It's all fixed, so what are you babbling about? This is in regards to Recordable DVDs at 2x and 4x, not any "new DVD". Pioneer came out with the fix for this a couple of weeks ago too. So, again, what the hell are you babbling about?

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