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Apple Offers Three-Year Upgrade Plan for Server 14

davidstrauss writes "News.com is reporting that 'Apple Computer is giving buyers of its Mac OS X Server the option of signing on for three years of unlimited access to software upgrades for the same price it charges for a single, onetime upgrade.' This sounds almost like a push in the direction of Microsoft's Licensing 6."
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Apple Offers Three-Year Upgrade Plan for Server

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  • by Mr. Spleen ( 308231 ) <mrspleen@m[ ]com ['ac.' in gap]> on Sunday October 13, 2002 @06:01PM (#4442198)
    After all the complaints for charging $129 for Jaguar, maybe Apple could do something like this for regular Mac OS X? Somehow I doubt they will do that though.
    • I agree (Score:4, Interesting)

      by ekrout ( 139379 ) on Sunday October 13, 2002 @06:23PM (#4442270) Journal
      Apple Maintenance Program for Mac OS X Server...I think the Apple folks need to start realizing that, with Mac OS X, they now have a whole new "type" of user. These new Mac zealots are often scientists, engineers, and your run-of-the-mill computer geek, all of whom are accustomed to frequently updating their software (and hardware, in some cases) to the very latest that's available.

      Apple will quickly upset their new (and some old) users if they continue to charge another $100.00 or so every few months with each new 10.x release of OS X.

      Perhaps it could be called a "power-user" program (rather than "maintenence"), but would provide an all-access "ticket" to ftp.apple.com (or a Windows Update-like Web script).
      • Re:I agree (Score:3, Interesting)

        Perhaps it could be called a "power-user" program (rather than "maintenance"), but would provide an all-access "ticket" to ftp.apple.com (or a Windows Update-like Web script).
        Or, to make everything simpler, they could offer this as an addition to the Software Update Preference Pane.
      • When doing this you would have to make sure that you don't lose to many of your ADC paying members. These members get software updates for free and is part of the 'value' they get from Apple. Admittedly they get more as well (discounts on machines, developer CD's shipped at regular intervals etc).
    • by daveschroeder ( 516195 ) on Sunday October 13, 2002 @10:25PM (#4443133)
      3 year maintenance is indeed available on Mac OS X, BUT you need to purchase a minimum of 10 seats. It's right in the software section of the Apple Store. Some institutions, like the University of Wisconsin, participate and pass the program on directly to customers. For example, UW customers can purchase a 3-year subscription, which entitles the purchaser to the latest version of Mac OS X for the term, for $95: http://www.wisc.edu/wisc/products/apple_mac_osX_de pt.html
    • I doubt it will carry over to regular users.

      With a 3 year maintenance plan for servers is works well into most corporate budget strategies. When designing/architecting a real production environment, many IT/sys admins plan for a 3 year life of the machine. After that, it is often the case that they are replaced. This allows hardware vendors to target a certain level of quality, as well as enable IT departments to plan budgets accurately.

      So, I think we're safe as users.

      Just my thoguhts.

  • NOT like Licensing 6 (Score:5, Informative)

    by Ster ( 556540 ) on Sunday October 13, 2002 @06:56PM (#4442382)
    Licensing 6 requires an annual fee, which is a percentage of the original purchase price. That's on top of the price for the original software.

    Original 10-User Win2k Server: 1199
    Three-year licensing agreement: (1199 * 29%) * 3 years = 1043.13

    This is different: instead of one upgrade, you get all upgrades for the next three years at no additional cost.

    Original 10-User OS X Server: 499
    Three-year Upgrade plan: 499

  • Very good! (Score:3, Informative)

    by Sulka ( 4250 ) <.if.iki. .ta. .aklus.> on Monday October 14, 2002 @02:02AM (#4443919) Homepage Journal
    At the moment, you can't get an upgrade pricing on OS X Server. Apple just doesn't offer an upgrade. And remember, OS X Server with unlimited licenses costs a lot ($1500 in Finland). I'm still running 10.1 as I'm having a grudge for purchasing a new license just to upgrade to a hopefully less buggy version of the server. So, this is a very good deal. :)

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