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Updates for Jaguar Compatibility 47

Rob McKeever writes "I have just posted WirelessDriver 1.0.0b5.1 to both my iDisk (robm) and to the usual spot on SourceForge.net. This build has been compiled specifically for Mac OS X 10.2 (Jaguar) and will not work on earlier versions of Mac OS X. There will be a separate version coming shortly to fill this void. The installer will fail the first time you try to do this; please try to run the installer at least once more before asking for assistance." Wonderful! The panic-on-reinsertion bug appears to be fixed too, making it much more useful, as I only need to use the PC Card when the internal card is out of range. Also, SharePoints, for making arbitrary folders available via file sharing, was updated for 10.2 compatability. LiteSwitch X still isn't updated, but note that hot keys other than cmd-tab still work with the older version.
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Updates for Jaguar Compatibility

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  • Bugs? (Score:2, Informative)

    by avalys ( 221114 )
    Anyone else noticed a few bugs in Jaguar, notably it not coming out of sleep reliably, Finder not arranging icons properly and Finder copying folders instead of moving them?

    • I have had no problems, other than the sluggishness of the makers of EndNote in coming out with a Jaguar-compatible version. Sleep actually seems better on my machines since putting Jaguar on.

      Just a guess: "copying folders instead of moving them" sounds like it could be a problem with your permissions; if you have read but not write permission to a directory, you won't be able to move folders out, but you will be able to copy them.

    • I've experienced problems coming out of sleep and the Finder seeming to do whatever it pleases with arranging files too. Have not noticed copying instead of moving, but haven't done much of that. The strangest thing however, was extremely slow file sharing access. Downloading files via HTTP ran flat out at about 80-90Mbps, from both machines, however copying files from one mac to another via AFP (w/o AppleTalk) ran at about 1-2Mbps. After a whole lot of messing around, the condition was cleared after a reboot.
    • actually, FWIW, I've had these problems a lot *before* installing Jaguar. now they seem to have gone away (i'm a dumbass for saying something....they'll probably leap back as soon as i finish posting this ;)
    • Funny you should mention it. I myself have seen my Tibook wake improperly from sleep several times since doing a fresh install of Jaguar. What appears to happen is the machine wakes up...but the screen doesn't. I found that shutting the screen and opening it again often caused it to snap out of it. Hasn't done it in a few days though.
    • Indeed there are some new bugs introduced into 10.2

      When I wake from sleep, Mail.app sometimes cannot get mail from my POP account. It asks for a password, and when I give it the password it says it's not right. When I check mail again, it can connect without a problem. And Mail.app can access my keychain. Imap and other POP accounts work perfect. It had this bug in the developer previews of jaguar.

      And when I wake from sleep my Energy Saver says that my battery power has run out and it will return to sleep. Even with a fully charged battery ! Several minutes later the battery power calculates the correct ammount left.

      I hope they fix it real soon.
      I *am* running Build 6C115 from a developer release but the final version of Jag is also 6C115. I hope they're not only in the developer preview (for my sake;-)
    • Doesn't sound any different from my machine running 10.1 except for the fact that you can actually make yours go to sleep. I managed to successfully get my Sawtooth G4 tower to sleep only twice under 10.0, and the machine wouldn't wake back up at all afterwards. I've never gotten it to sleep under 10.1.

      As for the Finder not arranging icons properly -- well, I'm not surprised. When they threw out 15 years of code for Mac OS X, they threw out 15 years of beta testing and bug fixing. It seems at this rate that a consistent and usable GUI is very low on Apple's list of priorities. This icon nonsense is one of the many reasons I hate the Mac OS X GUI and miss Mac OS 9 where I had some semblance of control over my desktop.
  • by moof1138 ( 215921 ) on Monday September 02, 2002 @11:41AM (#4184091)
    Application Switcher Menu [sourceforge.net] has been updated, and while the installer warns that it is not supported, it works. I as an old school OS 9 guy, I love ASM, it makes the OS X UI work so much better. ASM's 'Classic Window Mode' that brings all windows associated with an app to the front when you click on one kicks butt. is another app I use all the time that has been updated for Jag. [lumacode.com]
    • Another very useful add-on is FruitMenu [unsanity.com], which also has been updated for Jaguar. FruitMenu allows you to organize the Apple menu in the Classic manner.

      I like ASM [vercruesse.de] because sometimes it's faster to peruse a text list of apps than to decipher sometimes overly cluttered and/or not very distinctive icons. Apple intended to build much of the old Apple Menu functionality into the Finder, but hitting the Apple Menu is much faster for me and its contents are available from every app.

  • The installer will fail the first time you try to do this; please try to run the installer at least once more before asking for assistance.

    Ummm, what? Why is the installer broken, and do you actually expect people to use it if it is? That's pretty disturbing.
  • iDisk? (Score:3, Insightful)

    by mlknowle ( 175506 ) on Monday September 02, 2002 @12:54PM (#4184451) Homepage Journal
    Using an iDisk for distribution like this is silly - I'm sure that the bandwidth allocation has already expired. Linking to an iDisk from /. is like linking to Geocities or something - it's a waste of time. Instead, why not ask Apple to host the file in the software section of idisk?

    At least it is on SF as well...
    • Or what i don't understand: Why not InfoMac? Unless things have gone terribly downhill in the past few years, it's free and fast and mirrored like mad.
  • Is there really any truly deep and profound reason for the 10.2 to NOT be backwards compatible with 10.1.5!?

    I mean, what are the guarantees that Apple isn't pulling a Micr$oft and intentionally breaking stuff to force non-10.2 users to upgrade to 10.2 (dishing out a full $199)?
    • If this was an anonymous post I would refrain...but since it's not...what in hell are you talking about?

      In what way is "the 10.2" not backwards compatible "with 10.1.5"? Perhaps you're confused and talking about the updated open source wireless card driver that doesn't work on 10.1.5 anymore?

      Insinuating that Apple is pulling a Microsoft because some part-time hacks released a half-done driver is ridiculous. If I am even understanding you correctly.
    • First off, the single user is $129. That's just blatent laziness on your part.

      Secondly, don't let the version numbers fool you. This isn't just a feature upgrade like going from 8.5 to 8.6 was. This is more like switching from 8.5 to 9. 10.2 is a signifigant upgrade from 10.1.5.

      Thirdly, you're an idiot (or a troll). Where has something broken that forced you to upgrade from 10.1.5 to 10.2? That's just nonsense that you've been forced to upgrade to 10.2. These compatibility problems are just third party software makers having to make some changes so that their software works with 10.2. Having software (especially drivers like the one listed in this article) break between major OS version is perfectly acceptable and expected.

    • Yeah, how evil of Apple to add new features to 10.2, which make software that uses them incompatible with older OS versions.
      • If it's not necessary to break compatibility with an older version...

        If it's absolutely necessary, then ok, it's absolutely necessary. Otherwise it's just a money pit that preys on rather loyal customers like myself, and uses the excuse of "new and improved 'features'" to ensure a sell.

        And of course they always have trusty zealots to bark down and flame those who find a problem with it. But that's a whole'nother "discussion." ;)
        • I still don't understand your original post. Your logic is well, completely the OPPOSITE of what it should be to prove your (incorrect) point: you're saying that Apple is intentionally breaking things to make people upgrade to 10.2. That might be true if they were breaking things in PREVIOUS versions of the OS that people already had, like 10.1.x. I can't believe that I'm even wasting my time trying to explain this to you: if anything, people would actually have LESS of an incentive to upgrade to 10.2 because it breaks things that already work for them, not MORE, you jackass! Software makers - like the wirelessdriver project - have to update their products to work with 10.2. Note that their products are ALREADY WORKING on 10.1.x. How on earth does stuff being broken on 10.2 force people to upgrade to it? Not only does it NOT "force" people to upgrade, it actually may deter them from upgrading, and stay with what they've already got! I still can't believe you said what you did, and then said that you were "embarassed" to be a longtime Mac user when someone correctly pointed out your completed twisted, backwards logic.
  • by SandSpider ( 60727 ) on Monday September 02, 2002 @05:54PM (#4185663) Homepage Journal
    All right, perhaps I'm just out of it, what with the long weekend at all, but would it kill people to perhaps submit what things are rather than simply the name of the program? I understand that Wireless Drivers are probably some sort of drivers for wireless products, but what kind of wireless products? Non-airport 802.11? Bluetooth? Some sort of GSM direct-access? Creating a software circuit that allows you to receive FM Radio transmissions?

    Oh, maybe I could find out from the SourceForge link (and eventually I did, but it took some finding, since my first inclination was to go to FAQ rather than Home), but maybe a quick "Hey, WirelessDrivers, which is, according to the SourceForge home page

    The WirelessDriver is an open source driver supporting Prism/Prism2 wireless cards such as the WaveLAN/ORiNOCO, Cabletron, SkyLINE and D-link PCMCIA cards for use with MacOS X and the Darwin operating system from Apple.

    Or at least a direct link to what it is, rather than having to go to the site and then look around. Yeah, I know, I'm lazy, but it's a lot easier for the poster to make the information easily accessible than to have everyone who doesn't know what the thing does have to look around for it.


    • You're right. Should be clearer. It's complicated by the fact that the driver is called "Wireless Driver."

      I'm a little surprised that an Apple-thread-reading /.er wouldn't know about this project. Are you a regular OS X user? Maybe you've always had an Airport card ?(NOT a flame - just curious)
      • I am a regular OS X user, but the only times I've needed wireless I've had Airport. Since my primary machine is my work machine, and my time is more valuable to the company than the difference in cost, it was a pretty easy decision to go with the Airport card.

        Well, that and it came with the Powerbook. Heh.


  • by BFCx ( 602701 )
    I was just about to give up on my Skyline 802.11b card and buy a Cisco 340 but i installed and it works great :) Now i just need to find drivers for my linux install and i'd be set.
  • gcc 2 - gcc3 (Score:3, Interesting)

    by jbolden ( 176878 ) on Tuesday September 03, 2002 @01:15AM (#4187250) Homepage
    I'm reading the long time Mac users here whine on and on about little tiny issues of this or that feature. Do you have any idea how big a change it is to go from one system compiler to another? Its huge. Even with source and make (and therefore in theory no issues) Linux distributions that have made this switch lost months doing nothing but working out bugs. Apple has done an amazing job. (Look at Fink for example where there wasn't the direct support and the number of issues they are dealing with, and again they have source). As far as I can tell virtually everything ran, and a few system hacks are having problems -- of course OS extensions are going to have problems with a change of OS!

    Or of course you could always "reverse switch" (i.e. the windows way) and have APIs that grow in a never ending fashion using different sets of system libraries, conflicting with one another having horrible problems communicating....

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