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Wherefore Art Thou, HyperCard? 64

gwernol writes "Macintouch is running an interesting section on the end of HyperCard at Apple. The original discussion was on alternatives to HyperCard but several ex-HyperCard engineers have come forward to describe the 'Steve-ing' of the project. It's an interesting insight into the workings of this company and the fate of Bill Atkinson's revolutionary piece of software." And lamz writes, "Thousands of people still use HyperCard but it has stagnated under Apple's stewardship. Is it time for an Open Source HyperCard? Great article at Wired." My first Mac programming was in HyperCard. Those were the days ...
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Wherefore Art Thou, HyperCard?

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  • by BoBG ( 9969 ) on Saturday August 17, 2002 @09:45PM (#4090876) Homepage
    I remember using HyperCard, what a joy. It was, at the time, the most rewarding time I had spend with a computer. It was as close to 'Do what I mean mode' as I believe to be possible with computers.

    It was even able to correct much of the damage to my would be programming career that years of BASIC had inflicted.

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