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Apple Announces WWDC Keynote Topics 17

pinqkandi writes "Apple released a list of topics to be covered at Steve Jobs Keynote at WWDC, May 6th, 10:00 am. Most notable is a demonstration of the next Mac OS X version, 'Jaguar.'"
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Apple Announces WWDC Keynote Topics

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  • New features (Score:5, Informative)

    by norwoodites ( 226775 ) <> on Tuesday April 16, 2002 @07:17AM (#3349169) Journal
    Some new features in Darwin 6.0 aka Jaguar:
    1. SMB browsering
    2. auto rebounding for prebinding
    3. gcc 3.1
    4. better pthreads support
    5. better ipv6 support
    6. better pam support
    7. more bug fixes in the kernel
    8. better IDE support for ia32
    9. StartUp Items that can shutdown/startup/restart and will start and shutdown
    10. more right man pages
    11. ncurses
    12. StartUp Items will be startup parellized
    13. tcl/tk updated
    14. gdb bug fixes
    15. file system bug fixes

    These are the ones not covered by NDA.
    • better pthreads support

      Does that mean a complete pthreads implementation or just better than the one that already exists. I'm itching to get gnome and aqua running side by side.
      • pthread_cancel and pthread_kill and others.
      • Re:New features (Score:4, Informative)

        by nachoman ( 87476 ) on Tuesday April 16, 2002 @09:46AM (#3349705)
        Itching to see gnome and aqua running side by side... I've been doing that for months. It takes like 5 minutes to do:

        1) download Fink
        2) Install XFree86 and the rootless package
        3) Install Gnome
        4) Set up your .xsession for gnome

        I use Gnome for my window manager along side of Aqua. It's got a few issues, but runs really nice for the most part.
        • But from what I read from the XFree team, some display stuff doesn't work correctly. I've done it with the issues but am looking for a nice clean implementation. Also, (kicking my own ass for this)I want to check rotor out on OS X as well. Thus, my desire for pthreads.
    • I hope there are even more new features. I like the looks of that list, but it would be hard to make an exciting demonstration out of it.

      I'm hoping for a new piece of eye candy. Maybe a new Aqua theme, or some great new config tools or something.
      • Weird. Both sides of the fence here:
        • Here's great new "invisible" stuff
        • We want more "visible" stuff, too
        I just don't seem to remember ever hearing a desire for both eye candy and strong underpinnings from a *nix-based OS before. Certainly, no one every claimed to want more eye candy in CDE.
  • Jaguar Upgrades (Score:3, Informative)

    by Erchamion ( 568996 ) on Tuesday April 16, 2002 @11:49AM (#3350752)
    According to various rumour sites, [] there will also be:

    1) Drastically increased finder speeds
    2) Spring-loaded folders
    3) Accompanying Java 1.4 dev kit release
  • when i first saw that i thought it said WWJD.

    as in, What Would Jobs Do, of course.

    if any of you remember those jesus things from a couple years ago...

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