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Flat-panel iMacs in Apple's Future? 490

WinkyN writes: "A story on Yahoo! is claiming Apple might release a flat-panel iMac for release in early 2002. Analysts for Morgan Stanley who cover Apple say the computer manufacturer has placed orders for component parts to build such a machine (in fact, build about 100,000 of them a month). Perhaps Steve Jobs will announce this at Macworld Expo in January?"
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Flat-panel iMacs in Apple's Future?

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  • by Exantrius ( 43176 ) on Wednesday December 05, 2001 @10:15AM (#2659601)
    After all, they *DID* stop selling any monitors but flat screens...

    And hell, they can make them smaller, and in new shapes, they could do a lot of things with the shape, since they aren't limited by the size of the CRT and the heat problems inherent with monitors in close proximity with other computer pieces...

    Besides, If the release another "flower power" imac, and you were stuck using it, wouldn't *YOU* want it smaller/easier to hide?

  • by darkov ( 261309 ) on Wednesday December 05, 2001 @10:17AM (#2659616)
    ..it's called an iBook.

    But seriously, why would Apple sell such a thing? It would have to be comparable in cost to an iBook, the LCD being the most expensive part.

    It would probably be a snazzy box, but would the price be right for a low-end machine?
    • THey already split the iMacs (and their other products) into around three configurations ("fast", "faster", "fastest" or "good", "better", "best"--I'm sure /.ers love those designations :).

      They may just add a flat panel config at the high end.

      I have an iMac (the current Graphite), and I really like the small footprint, etc. It would be even better if it were smaller and even quieter.

      And it will probably look cool. I know it's hard for a geek to swallow that, but people like stuff that looks cool.

      I would bet that they will leave the crt version up there--maybe it will be that only the low-end one has the crt rather than only the high-end having the LCD.

      Just a few guesses.

      • by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday December 05, 2001 @10:46AM (#2659763)
        THey already split the iMacs (and their other products) into around three configurations ("fast", "faster", "fastest" or "good", "better", "best"--I'm sure /.ers love those designations :).

        I expect /. editors will be using "good", "gooder" and "goodest" :)

        Posting amonymously to perverse precocious Karma
    • by Surak ( 18578 )
      ..it's called an iBook.

      Nah... First of all, a flat-screen iMac would have a bigger screen, full sized keyboard, faster hard drive, etc. You aren't worried about power consumption nearly as much in a desktop as a laptop, so you can afford to put regular desktop components, which also happen to be cheaper.

      Which leads me to my second point, which is that LCDs aren't the only reason laptops are expensive compared to desktops. Miniature hard drives, low-power consumption CPUs, etc. are more expensive (and are also slower) than their desktop cousins.

      Thirdly, is the right price? I dunno. At $1200 the current iMac is pretty pricey for a so-called "low end" machine. I think Apple will probably put this machine in the same price category. They sold a bunch of iMac's at that price, they could sell a newer and better iMac at that price, I'm sure.
      • First of all, a flat-screen iMac would have a bigger screen, full sized keyboard

        Why would it have a bigger flat screen? That will drive the cost up. The full size keyboard can be used in any of the UBM iBook/PowerBook systems, just plug it in.

        At $1200 the current iMac is pretty pricey for a so-called "low end" machine.

        The low-end iMac is $999 (well, at the moment there is a $500 special in a lot of places, but ignoring that...). $1200 ($1299?) is the high end iMac.

        Personally I would have a hard time buying an iMac now when I can get the iBook for $300 more. If the prices get closer I expect even more people would swing towards the laptop. Of corse that doesn't upset Apple (unless the profit margin on the iBook is smaller then on the iMac), losing iMac sales to PCs would upset them. Bumping the iMac price will make that worse, unless it turns out people really want LCD displays...

    • That's exactly what I thought until I stopped and really took another look. While the iBook includes much of what a flat screen iMac would have, its form factor makes a big difference in how it is used and built. As pointed out, a flat screen iMac is likely to have a larger screen, but not only that, because it is designed for the desk they can use cheaper componenents, such as a larger HD, full-size DIMMs and a faster processor (it wouldn't have the same heat dispation issues). The iMac would also have a separate keyboard and mouse. All this goes to make for a different design and a lower cost. One thing they could do with adding is a TV tuner, as this would certainly help students who are suffering from too little space in their dorm rooms for both TV and computer.

      Since this will be a new generation of iMac, Apple may be looking for something else in terms of design for looks of the case. What exactly that will be is hard to tell. The current portable products use the metalic look, while the desktop range use a coloured plastic look, even of the plastic is not completley transparent.

      Flat screens have come down in price a fair bit. I can buy an average quality 15" flat screen here in Canada for around $500. Given that Apple partly owns a flat-screen manufacturer in Asia, it means that they have the ability to get hold screens more cheapley than othe companies.
    • Indeed. The advantages a flat panel can offer are twofold: Depth, and Weight.

      For most iMac users the Weight issue is irrelevent, as its a static desktop machine. That leaves, Depth, or Footprint.

      Why go half way - this thing would have to be an inch and a half thick, at worst, to be a serious advantage. Then I could hang it on my wall - or to the ceiling above my bed! Or put it in my camper.

      But those are all niches currently being served, to the seriously dedicated, by the iBook.

      Nah... I don't want one!
    • It would have to be comparable in cost to an iBook, the LCD being the most expensive part.

      It shouldn't add more than a few hundred dollars to the price... you can get a nice 15" 1024x768 LCD for not much over $300 retail these days. On an iMac, they'd probably go with a smaller screen that would be even cheaper.
    • by gig ( 78408 )
      Some people don't want to take the computer with them anywhere. In that case, it makes sense for them to have bigger, faster, cheaper "desktop" components in their computer rather than low-power, miniature components and a battery.

      Some good examples: the iBook's 20GB 4200rpm hard drive vs iMac's 60GB 7200rpm hard drive; iBook's notebook keyboard/trackpad vs iMac's full-size desktop keyboard and optical mouse; iBook's 8MB graphics RAM vs iMac's 32MB. It all adds up to where iMac makes more sense if you don't want to take it all with you.

      Apple has a chance to do some really special stuff with a flat iMac that's not possible for other PC manufacturers. With the CRT gone, the 6-7 watt G3 and G4 chips are going to enable Apple to do some cool miniaturization or design things that PC's with 50-70 watt P4's are not going to be able to do as they move to flat panels.

      As for being a low-end machine, it is the low-end of Apple's line, but it's also sort of the flagship, "people's" computer. The simplicity and ease of use of it are admired and respected by a lot of people. Many iMac users don't think of themselves as low-end users ... I'm sure there are a lot of iMac users who got iMacs because they liked them best, not to save money on a tower machine. They didn't want a tower, plus display, plus speakers, etc.
  • IMO, imacs are cool because of the translucent plastic that lets you see the inside of the CRTs. A flat panel would just be like any thin PC spray painted fruity.

    15 to 1 says it's got some sort of water cooling.
    • If you could actually see inside the CRT ( cathode ray tube ) itself, the screen brightness would probably be a bit lacking.

    • They didn't even put a FAN in the iMac - it was cooled entirely by convection. Now with a CRT out of the way, you think they'll put in water cooling?

      I'll bet you a ThinkGeek T-shirt [thinkgeek.com] that there won't be water cooling. I take size large, thanks.

    • I think you are onto something. It will sorta be water cooled. Or actually the water will be CPU heated. They are gonna keep the same plastics but the part where the CRT is now will be a spot for your pet goldfish. Just don't go in and start overclocking your CPU or you'll end up with fish for dinner.
  • TV Show costs... (Score:2, Flamebait)

    by Otis_INF ( 130595 )
    Imagine all those soaps and shows where people only work with iMac's instead of real computers... they all have to upgrade to avoid to look dated! Sell WB stock now!
  • So... (Score:3, Funny)

    by jayhawk88 ( 160512 ) <jayhawk88@gmail.com> on Wednesday December 05, 2001 @10:20AM (#2659642)
    How long before MacCentral, MacRumor, MacAttack, or whoever releases a "secret" pick of this new flat-panel iMac. I'm eager to claim that the picture is a fake Photoshop job, and that there's no way this will ever exist, only to be proven wrong a month later.
  • by mttlg ( 174815 ) on Wednesday December 05, 2001 @10:20AM (#2659645) Homepage Journal
    This has got to be the most common Apple rumor in recent years. The flat-panel iMac is always predicted at every major MacWorld Expo, and so far it hasn't materialized. Maybe it will this time, but Mac rumors have been so far off in the past that a lot of people don't pay attention to them anymore.
    • When the iMac was unveiled it was considered by many to be nearly revolutionary. Whether you agree with this sentiment or not is another issue. However that was (I believe) in 1998, and it's nearly 2002 and the iMac of today is visually almost identical to the 1998 firstborn Bondi Blue iMac. Yeah, there have been color changes, hard drive upgrades, speed bumps, memory increases, and now even a slot-loading cd/dvd/whatever drive, but the external appearance is pretty much unchanged. Normally this wouldn't matter for a computer, but the iMac was a hit because of its style.

      So it's time for something "revolutionary" again. I've heard rumors of the flat panel iMac from lame sites like Mac OS Rumors since at least the end of 1998. Actually this particular rumor (and its failure to materialize) was one reason I stopped reading MOSR and its ilk and realized what garbage they were.

      So if Steve Jobs unveils a flat panel iMac, it won't be a big surprise. The difference now will be if he doesn't, analysts will be disappointed and Apple's stock price will probably take a minor hit.
      • When the iMac was unveiled it was considered by many to be nearly revolutionary. Whether you agree with this sentiment or not is another issue. However that was (I believe) in 1998, and it's nearly 2002 and the iMac of today is visually almost identical to the 1998 firstborn Bondi Blue iMac. Yeah, there have been color changes, hard drive upgrades, speed bumps, memory increases, and now even a slot-loading cd/dvd/whatever drive, but the external appearance is pretty much unchanged. Normally this wouldn't matter for a computer, but the iMac was a hit because of its style.

        They also got rid of the fan at some point (yes, it had a fan in the past) and a faster front side bus.

        So it's time for something "revolutionary" again.

        I know! Let's make a little cube with no fan and a big LCD panel for it...

        Oh, wait, that flopped. Mostly because of the price. It's not time for a "revolutionary" new Mac, but a successful one :-)

        So if Steve Jobs unveils a flat panel iMac, it won't be a big surprise. The difference now will be if he doesn't, analysts will be disappointed and Apple's stock price will probably take a minor hit.

        Depends on what else is released then. Also if the new iMac costs a lot more then the old one I expect bad things to happen.

  • So would it look like this http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTool s/item-details.asp?sku=D158-1008 [tigerdirect.com] only in different colors then? Is this really that new of a concept? These things have been in the last few Tiger catalogs I've gotten.

  • Say hello to "iFlat"
  • Again? (Score:3, Funny)

    by ruiner13 ( 527499 ) on Wednesday December 05, 2001 @10:24AM (#2659665) Homepage
    Haven't the "analysts" been saying that for about a year now? Then they covered their own asses by saying that Apple was just waiting until the economy picked up. Well, the economy is still esentially flat, and they are starting this up again? Until I actually see one, I don't care what all these supposed in-the-know people think, since they don't seem to get things right as much as they get things wrong. Remember when they said the iPod was a DVR? Come on guys... creating unsubstantiated rumors don't help anyone, although they do get your name put on a document that will soon be proven wrong.

    Oh yeah, I think I read that the new iMac would be completely solar powered and hovers weightless whereever you want it totally negating the need for a desk. And it reads your mind, all thanks to the new G6 processor. ;)

    • The article cited a source with a MAJOR financial analyst who stated that a MASSIVE order for parts has been placed. This is not exactly what i would call "unsubstantiated."

      Cynicism has its place and appropriate context, but unfortunately for you, this is not it. Sorry to disappoint.
  • by sandidge ( 150265 ) on Wednesday December 05, 2001 @10:25AM (#2659669)
    http://www.acorncreative.tv/imac2.html [acorncreative.tv]

    I'll take any of them.
    • That's all fine and dandy, buuuut....

      What are they going to use for their low-end market? Look at those things! I realize they're not actual production iMacs, but they're going to have a hell of a time keeping cost down on them. A 15" (viewable) costs around $300-600 more than your average 15" (13.9" viewable) CRT.

      Making the new iMacs come in at around $1100. Eef.
    • that first one is just a TiPowerbook...the second one however is inuiging and I bet that this what apple will sort of aim for, but it will be a bit larger in the rear to make room for the Desktop hardware.
    • I prefer this design [bbspot.com].
    • I'll just point out (for those too lazy to click through on the link above) That one of these is labelled as an iMac when you click through to the "bigger picture".

      Here's the relevant shot:http://www.acorncreative.tv/imac2.html [acorncreative.tv], which shows "The New iMac" as having a Cinema Display up to 15.2", 500, 600, or 700 MHz G3, Airport, CD/CDR/CDR-DVD combo drive, and integral Harman/Kardon speakers.

      I'll also chime in as someone qualified to comment on the economics of the box (I was formerly a Program Manager for Dell's laptop lines, Latitude and Inspiron): I think this is do-able at an iMac price point. LCD screens are down to where this can easily be done. (Heck, I just paid $400 (after $100 rebate) for a very nice 17" standalone LCD display. Surely apple can do better in quantity...) Laptop components haven't really been all that much more expensive than desktop components for several years - the reason laptop prices have remained high is that the OEMs are soaking the market for what it's willing to pay, rahther than what it costs them to produce. The margins on laptops are several times higher than the margins on desktops.

      This is all a volume economics game: and Apple re-learned something very important with the iMac: if you build it, they will come. And if they do, you'll have the volume to make the economics work for all those "expensive" features that differentiate your product from the rest. (Things like FireWire, USB, built-in networking (wired or wireless, depending), serious audio, great RISC processors, and now, integral Cinema flatscreens...)
  • by llamalicious ( 448215 ) on Wednesday December 05, 2001 @10:26AM (#2659673) Journal
    Apple can both save on shipping costs and bill their new iMac's as semi-portable...
    hell, they're small enough now that with a retracting power cord and wireless mouse/keyboard that they might as well be.

    With some depthwise space savings from the removal of the CRT, and the removal of the weight from the glass, they could throw a cord retractor and keyboard/mouse dock on the back of the thing...

    Anyhow, it's about time, I think that's going to be a killer machine. (As long as I don't buy an iMac and get a dead friggin pixel in the center of my screen)
    • my iMac is a semi-portable. it's got a carrying handle on the top. I think all of them do. It's kinda heavy but it's not that bad, I've carried it cross-country on trains before.

      the big advantage of going to LCD IMO would be heat. the CRT puts out the vast majority of the heat of the iMac; an LCD screen would run very cool.

      a marketing idea: the iceMac. we already have the iceBook, Steve, how about it? ;)

  • It's been done (Score:3, Informative)

    by Alomex ( 148003 ) on Wednesday December 05, 2001 @10:28AM (#2659686) Homepage
    IBM already sells something of this sort: Netvista X series [ibm.com]

    • that is laptop hardware, not desktop, inside that thing....to make it iMac possable you have to use regular desktop hardware or else you make it into a $2000 machine.
    • Re:It's been done (Score:2, Insightful)

      by davidhan ( 539718 )
      Of course it's been done, such a product is so obvious that Apple should have already done it. The point is that an LCD iMac could be a breakthrough product like the original iMac was. The monitor/cpu integrated form factor was not new when the iMac came out (see early so-called portables like Kaypro) but it was a significant product because it helped rejuvenate Apple. That potential in a next-generation iMac is what is interesting.
    • Re:It's been done (Score:3, Interesting)

      by Rob Parkhill ( 1444 )
      OK, let me stir the rumour pot a bit.

      Obviously if Apple comes out with an LCD flat-panel iMac, it is going to have to be a lot cooler/more revolutionary that just an all-in-one Mac with a flat screen. They always seem to go that little bit further than other companies.

      We've also heard all sorts of rumours about some new Apple product based on their Newton tech. Hmmmm. And we know that Apple loves their AirPort product. Hmmmmmm.

      So here is the new product: it's a powerful desktop iMac with a 15" LCD screen, but the screen pops out of it's case/dock and is a portable web pad/writing tablet. Connected to the main machine via AirPort, of course. You can tote this baby all over the place, take notes with its hand-writing recognition, surf the web wirelessly. Then just drop it back in the dock/stand/cradle, and it's now the display for you much more powerful desktop machine, with it's hard drive, DVD+RW drive, etc.

      You heard it here first ;-)
  • See this story [theregister.co.uk] over at the Register [theregister.co.uk]
  • Its about time Apple put a flat panel on their mac. Now it'll look even more badass through the transparent top, and maybe there'll be room for expansion slots. In any case, the flat panel will make it much easier to lug around without having to change the overall form factor.

    Now all they need to do is make the thing as cheap as the original imac and we're cooking.
  • Old Rumor (Score:3, Interesting)

    by fireloins ( 139444 ) on Wednesday December 05, 2001 @10:37AM (#2659720) Homepage
    The release of a flat panel iMac has been rumored for a long time. See for example this article [cnet.com] from July.

    While the reported component order gives the rumor slightly stronger legs, don't forget that Apple already buys lots of 15" LCDs for their 15" Studio Display [apple.com]. It would be very interesting to know how many of these monitors Apple currently sells per month. Perhaps the additional 100kmonitors/month is simply forecasting additional demand?

  • Think back 15 years. We had the Mac, Mac Plus, Mac SE [apple-history.com]. In recent years were the iMac, iMac DV, iMac SE [apple-history.com]. Apple loves to re-use concepts -- my old toaster Mac had a SuperDrive [google.com].

    I'd love to see an iMac equivalent of the IIci or the LC3 [apple-history.com]. Flat panel, compact desktop case, one or two expansion slots, and much cheaper than the pro towers. Basically, what the Cube should have been. It can be done. They have the technology. But is Lord Steve willing to do it?
  • by saintlupus ( 227599 ) on Wednesday December 05, 2001 @11:04AM (#2659834) Homepage
    Right. They'll announce it between the new Apple PDA and the Disney buyout.

    And then Hitler will build a snowman.

  • by oranjdisc ( 530731 ) on Wednesday December 05, 2001 @11:04AM (#2659835)
    Granted, Gateway, HP, etc have come out with flat panel consumer PCs, so the fact that Apple can stir up a bunch of rumor news with a flat panel product may leave some scratching their heads wondering what the big hoopla is. Think about the iPod. Yeah, there are plenty of mp3 players out there, but it took the design team at Apple to create the best one. Apple took their time, and GOT IT RIGHT. The same can be said for the next iMac. It may have the same specs as some other machines out there now, but it'll make everything else look like junk when it comes out. Obviously I haven't seen it, but knowing Apple's track record I'm sure it'll be amazing.
  • by vanguard ( 102038 ) on Wednesday December 05, 2001 @11:04AM (#2659837)
    The trouble with LCD iMacs is the education market. Schools don't buy iMacs just because they are cheaper than iBooks, they buy them because they are more durable.

    The abuse that a computer takes in a school setting is enough to make me cringe.

    Still, I like the idea of having a LCD iMac. It would be cool for me, I'm just not sure that it will work in the education market. (Yeah, I know. Maine just bought 38,600 iBooks. Still, most schools buy iMacs.)
  • Side effects (Score:3, Interesting)

    by forgoil ( 104808 ) on Wednesday December 05, 2001 @11:06AM (#2659847) Homepage
    Shipping even more flat screens has definitly interesting side effects. This means that Apple wants to lower the prize (for themselves) and it means all flat screens will be cheaper, and I am hoping it will be cheaper faster. This implies that I could, the next time I want a new computer, two at least 19", LCDs together with my brand new nVidia GF++.

    So, everybody who doesn't care, or are mac maniacs, go buy one of these;)
  • Let us just hope (Score:2, Insightful)

    by A_Non_Moose ( 413034 )
    that they advertise the damn thing.

    The new iPod commercial actually has a blip of OS X, and yet it is a mere 2 second glimpse.

    Reminds me of the same situation that AMD is in.
    Great product, little or no exposure to "the unwashed masses/joe+/or jane 6 pack".

    It almost seems to me as if they are taking the "female" tact of "if you don't know, I'm not going to tell you"...

    (hint: never come back with 'If you don't tell me, how am I supposed to know'...big mistake... more pain than "yes, your but does look big")

    Both make great products (amd/apple) but in the AMD the hardware needs exposure, with Apple, their new os (OS X, naturally) is in *dire* need of some air time...at least more than 2 seconds.

    And "flat panel" imacs...well like the G5 rumors, I'll believe it when I see it.

    Oh, whatever happened to "I/we don't comment on unreleased products."?

    I'm suprised Steve Jobs has not repealed that policy and said, yes we will have a G5/flat panel Imac/whaterver rumor...but it is slated for release *after* 3 or more years.

    IOW, beat the users and rumour mongers with a clue stick and the truth.




  • by Fortune Master ( 540773 ) on Wednesday December 05, 2001 @11:08AM (#2659861)
    Apple will award you with a large cash bonus after you become their premiere PR agency.
  • by jonesvery ( 121897 ) on Wednesday December 05, 2001 @11:28AM (#2659975) Homepage Journal

    Apple Insider has a story [appleinsider.com] on this, as well.

    It's true that this has been rumored for quite some time, and nothing has come of the rumors. The key reason that Apple Insider seems inclined to believe it this time is essentially that:

    It's no surprise that a major change to the iMac is coming. What has been difficult to nail down is exactly what will be changed, and when these changes will occur. What has precluded this product from being introduced is component availability and prices: AppleInsider sources have revealed, however, that the prices of key components has reached an acceptable level at which Apple can sell the new iMac at a price palatable to consumers and still retain profitability on its most popular line.

    We'll see...

  • by nek ( 534149 ) on Wednesday December 05, 2001 @11:44AM (#2660063)
    Why does the Slashdot community automatically tear apart everything Apple does? Would it be so hard to admit that they got it right with Firewire, got it right by popularizing USB, got it right by deleting the useless floppy drive, got it right with Quicktime, got it right with the (new) iBook and Powerbook g4, and got it DAMN right with OS X? Seriously folks, look back at all your knee-jerk reactionary posts over everything Apple and do some thinking. Point me to major innovations that have not been driven by Apple and then try using a new Mac. Have you ever USED OS X on a new Titanium? Have you ever tried to copy even 64MB over USB to a Rio, and then copied 2 GB to a firewire drive in the same time? Try using Final Cut Pro, iMovie, DVD Studio Pro... This site has become a bunch of first-post, bash-everything, small-minded jerkoffs.
    • Why does the Slashdot community automatically tear apart everything Apple does?

      Actually, aside from a few Windows trolls and knee-jerk, reactionary, anti-corporate drones, I've found the Slashdot community to be fairly supportive of Apple, MacOS X and Macintoshes in general. Articles get posted which are mostly unbiased, except when they are rants against the corporate aspects of Apple. Comments are made by people who seem to mostly appreciate Apple's efforts in the open-source world. There are also admissions made that Apple does have some really cool hardware.

      Personally, I don't mind the critics of Apple. If the criticism is fair, unbiased, and open then it is welcome because only good can come from it. On the other hand rants, trolls, and baseless accusations are not welcome, since they are clearly inflammatory and don't contribute anything to the discussion other than to turn people off of the point the poster was trying to make.

  • by iabervon ( 1971 ) on Wednesday December 05, 2001 @11:58AM (#2660162) Homepage Journal
    They're going to have to redesign the whole thing if they want flat screens, because the box isn't flat on the front. Either than, or they'll have to make curved-panel displays.

    Of course, an iMac box would look really weird without the CRT, because it would be mostly empty, and they probably can't just make the box smaller, because they need vent space. So they'll probably have to come up with a special new shape.
    • an iMac box would look really weird without the CRT, because it would be mostly empty, and they probably can't just make the box smaller, because they need vent space

      I wonder about the vent space. How much of the iMac's heat comes from the CRT? Nearly all, I believe.

      What I'd love to see would be an iMac with mounting screws - to be hung on the wall.

      Now, that would exceed cool.

  • by Animats ( 122034 ) on Wednesday December 05, 2001 @12:50PM (#2660531) Homepage
    The iMac's display is only 13.8" (viewable, measured diagonally). 14" LCD monitors are widely available, and quantity pricing is quite good. So it's time to switch.

    There are big wins in switching when you make the whole machine. The box size goes down. Shipping cost goes down. Shelf space at retail goes down. Power supply size goes down. It's a bigger win for Apple than for the Wintel crowd.

    I'm just surprised that Apple didn't do this before the holiday shopping season.

  • by Bud ( 1705 ) on Wednesday December 05, 2001 @01:38PM (#2660820)
    Given the additional cost of an LCD screen, a flat-panel iMac would cost about the same as an iBook. And performance-wise they're almost the same. I don't see much of a market for a flat-panel iMac as long as it doesn't provide better performance than the iBook.

  • real revolution (Score:3, Interesting)

    by staeci ( 85394 ) on Wednesday December 05, 2001 @06:07PM (#2662330) Homepage Journal
    Want a real revolution?

    Stop producing desktop machines cause the laptops are just as good, ramp up production to drop costs.

    Make a range of 'digital hub' servers for home and small office - file-sharing, internet gateway type things. Or maybe multi-user servers and ibook-like thin clients that connect to them. Schools would love that and so would families with 2+ kids.

Much of the excitement we get out of our work is that we don't really know what we are doing. -- E. Dijkstra