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Home wireless security level?

Displaying poll results.
Open network: Internet should be free for all!
1751 votes / 5%
WEP encryption: Waiting to be compromised
967 votes / 2%
WPA/WPA2 encryption: Should be secure
18874 votes / 53%
WPA/WPA2 w/ hidden SSID: A bit more secure
3840 votes / 10%
Ditto, but w/ MAC whitelist: A tough tighter
3300 votes / 9%
Ditto, but DHCP disabled: Wireless fortress
1021 votes / 2%
Wired connection or powerline Ethernet only
1908 votes / 5%
Whatever my neighbors are using
3301 votes / 9%
34962 total votes.

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Home wireless security level?

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