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Media (Apple)

+ - iPhone SDK rules block Skype, Firefox, Java.-> 1

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An anonymous reader writes "Apple's iPhone software development kit is already drawing complaints due to the strict terms of service. Voice over IP apps like Skype that attempt to use the cellular data connection will be blocked. Competing web browsers Firefox and Opera are forbidden. Even Sun is now backpedaling on its recent announcement of a java port, noting that there are some legal issues. Critics are already comparing Apple's methods to Comcast's anti-net neutrality filtering, and Microsoft's Netscape-killing antitrust tactics. Could Apple face government regulators? CNET has more."
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iPhone SDK rules block Skype, Firefox, Java.

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  • ... that the Antitrust regulators who already have their eyes on Windows 7.0 (which is barely a pipe dream right now), would perhaps focus on Apple's tactics with their products ... bricking, blocking of competing apps etc ...

    You don't have to have a monopoly on the marketshare to play dirty ... (dons some flameproof undies just in case).

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