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+ - Apple: Dumb as a Patent Trolling Fox on iPhone Prior Art? 1

Submitted by theodp
theodp (442580) writes "GeekWire reports that a Microsoft researcher's 1991 video could torpedo Apple’s key "slide to unlock" patent, one of 5 patents that the iPhone maker cited in its demand for $40 per Samsung phone. Confronted with what appears to be damning video evidence of prior art that pre-dates its "invention" by more than a decade, Apple has reportedly arguied that the sliding on/off switch demoed by Catherine Plaisant is materially different than the slide to unlock switch that its 7 inventors came up with. Apple's patent has already been deemed invalid in Europe because of similar functionality present in the Swedish Neonode N1M."
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Apple: Dumb as a Patent Trolling Fox on iPhone Prior Art?

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  • With the ability to search on the internet there seem to be
    a magnification of and concerted efforts to rename almost
    anything. Partly from the publish or perish citation world but
    with subtle and perhaps sinister financing.

    All, that is needed is to cut the research thread is to silently
    rename some prior art. And publish in modern documents
    and journals.

    A RAID might become SyntheticReliableStorageSystem (SRSS).
    All papers discussing SRSS would never reference RAID research.
    They would bypass RAID and jump to t

% APL is a natural extension of assembler language programming; ...and is best for educational purposes. -- A. Perlis