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+ - The iPhone 5S Hasn't Been Officially Announced by Apple, Already Has Line->

Submitted by Daniel_Stuckey
Daniel_Stuckey (2647775) writes "The iPhone 5S line has already begun, despite Apple not even having made its announcement yet. From the looks of the invite to the unveiling in San Francisco on Sept. 10 (and another event the following day in Beijing, where iPhones are all the rage), the company will not only be announcing a next generation iPhone, the 5S, but also the lower-priced 5C model, in a variety of cheaper-looking colors. Remember Gameboy Pocket?

When I arrived in front of the Louvre-like Apple store at 58th street last night, two young, clean-cut-boys-fresh-out-of-college in baby blue hoodies were seated upon a granite ledge. A granite ledge, which at this point, knows the feeling of Apple-fan boy ass just a bit too intimately."

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The iPhone 5S Hasn't Been Officially Announced by Apple, Already Has Line

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