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+ - Oracle going for CentOS users-> 2

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JonJ writes "It seems like Oracle are having some difficulties taking on Red Hat, and are starting to focus on poaching CentOS' customers. Focusing on potential delays CentOS might face, siting the delay in kernel upgrades as a selling point. They've even taken the time to create their own shell script for converting a CentOS install to Oracle Linux."
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Oracle going for CentOS users

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  • So, they're going to take CentOS users who can't afford or won't pay for RedHat support and give them another clone who's support they can't afford or don't want to pay for?

    Yes, I read TFA and they're going to give away the software, but for the most part people using CentOS have staffs that are well versed in deploying it without support, and going to another distro won't do much for them.

    If Oracle's looking to get money out of this, may might just be better off trying to get blood out of a turnip!

  • The graph by Oracle is 7 months old ... because CentOS now has 2 full time developers and routinely beats Oracle to delivering kernels. Here is the graph and chart for 2012 EL6 Kernel updates. You can see that CentOS is delivering kernels 48% faster than Oracle in 2012 (25 days delayed for CentOS compared to 37 for Oracle). All but one of the eight 2012 Kernel updates have been delivered faster by CentOS. http://bit.ly/NEdAB8 [bit.ly]

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