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+ - Orbitz Showing Mac Users More Expensive Hotels-> 3

Submitted by dracocat
dracocat (554744) writes "Orbitz has discovered that Mac users pay up to 30% more for their hotels than those using Windows. In response it has begun to experiment with showing more expensive hotels to Mac users. The WSJ Article claims that this sort of targeting will only become more prevalent in the future.

The WSJ has confirmed through searches that the results for Mac users are many times more expensive than those shown to Windows users. Orbitz has replied that users always have the option to re-order by price if they don't like the initial order of hotels provided.

I generally am on board with using data to show more relevant results, but not sure how I feel about the supposed relevant results being more expensive. Is this inevitable or do we need some sort of screen bias protection?"

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Orbitz Showing Mac Users More Expensive Hotels

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  • That the Windows users are cheapskates and the Mac users are suckers

    Linux users, on the other hand ...

  • The nature of a combination of business intelligence and the market allowing prejudicial pricing means a new red line.

    That red line is one where consumers see red. Discriminatory pricing just because you can do it, or even legally available is just going to need a counter-balance. This is the opposite of the the merito-cratic systems. Instead it is a highway robbery mentality sanctioned by the user base. Passive user base that is now.

    Perhaps a system of proxy access or what-ever is going to come the fore

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