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TheReaperD writes "HP is settling class-action lawsuits involving their InkJet, OfficeJet and Photosmart printers. The first claim is that HP inkjet printers used "low on ink" messages when the cartridges were not out of ink. Second, that their printers used color ink when printing in black & white without notification or any way to disable this function. And lastly, that their cartridges would "shut down" on an undisclosed expiration date and not allow you to use any ink remaining in them. Of course, HP denies all of these claims. In summery, what HP has agreed to do for these claims is to document these issues better and not have the low on ink pop ups anymore as well as a financial settlement. However, they will not be discontinuing the use of color ink while printing in black & white or discontinue the use of expiration dates on their cartridges. For full details, go to the settlement website at:"
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HP Settlement for Ink Messages & Usage in prin

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