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An anonymous reader writes: The polish website Moje Jabluszko ran an experiment that proofs the poor reliability of the liquid contact indicators installed by Apple in the iPhone. They performed 3 different tests to challenge the LCI they recorded as the movie. They decided to mimic a regular usage of the iPhone, meaning you go outside where it could be cold or warm, then move inside in a building where temperature might be dramatically different, but still within covered conditions. So, they placed the iPhone in its box for 1 hour outside at -11 C, then moved it inside at room temperature for 24 hours. They repeated the experiment 3 times, and after the third cycle they could show that the LCI located in the audio jack plug started turning red! This is a clear proof that LCI are not reliable and could turn red while the iPhone has been used under the defined environmental requirements defined by Apple. Here, only the condensing water could have been in contact with the sensor. In other words, even moving in and out during regular winter time will make you iPhone LCI turning red!
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LCI in iPhones are not reliable

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