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+ - Tinkering, R.I.P.? 1

Submitted by theodp
theodp (442580) writes "Having cut his programming teeth on an Apple ][e as a ten-year-old, Mark Pilgrim laments that Apple now seems to be doing everything in their power to stop his kids from finding the sense of wonder he did: 'Apple has declared war on the tinkerers of the world. With every software update, the previous generation of 'jailbreaks' stop working, and people have to find new ways to break into their own computers. There won’t ever be a MacsBug for the iPad. There won’t be a ResEdit, or a Copy ][+ sector editor, or an iPad Peeks & Pokes Chart. And that's a real loss. Maybe not to you, but to somebody who doesn’t even know it yet.' Time for Woz to have a sit-down with Jobs?"
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Tinkering, R.I.P.?

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  • Tinkering is hard wired into the human brain. Lockouts are just another level of challenge. I strongly recommend Neal Stephenson's essay/book In the Beginning Was the Command Line. He presents a very good argument for why the proprietary OS business is unlikely to remain profitable for much longer. Reading that book saved me from falling prey to the siren Apple. I was shopping for a new laptop and considering a switch to Apple. Why not? Everyone I know that has one just raves about it. So there I was, sitti

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