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+ - Angry AT&T customers may disrupt service 1

Submitted by g0dsp33d
g0dsp33d (849253) writes "Fake Steve Jobs, the alter-alias of Newsweek's Dan Lyons, is calling disgruntled AT&T users to protest comments from AT&T’s Ralph de la Vega that smart phone (specifically iPhone) usage is responsible for their network issues and his plan to end unlimited data plans. The post, dubbed "Operation Chokehold" wants AT&T customers to use as much data service as they can on Friday, December 19th at noon.

While Fake Steve Jobs is notable for its satire, many Twitter and Facebook users seem to be rallying to its cry. It is unclear if there will be enough support to cause a DDOS."
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Angry AT&T customers may disrupt service

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  • Wouldn't this reinforce AT&T's reasoning? I mean, yeah, they could update their infrastructure, like sane and reasonable people. It seems, though, they've adamantly decided not to do this, so having the network fail due to immense data usage would actually help them support their argument for pay-per-byte.

    "See? This is what happens when everyone can use as much data as they want! It crashes our network! You want us to implement these plans so your network doesn't crash!"

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