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After 22 Years, Walt Mossberg Writes Final WSJ Column

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  • by DSElliot (3445351) on Thursday December 19, 2013 @06:41PM (#45741195)
    Yes, but I was doing it on my Treo 600 four years before the first hipster cracked their iPhone screen.
  • by SuperKendall (25149) on Thursday December 19, 2013 @07:31PM (#45741683)

    Apple doesn't understand Software Libre at all

    More like, you do not understand Apple, and the HUGE degree to which they have based success on top of open source.

    BSD, and LLVM are but two of the largest and most obvious examples. But also Apple has used open standards when possible, like CalDav or VNC...

    Yes Apple (like ALL companies currently) uses IP for competitive advantage. But they do so on top of a very thick layer of Free software...

    the marketing dollars from Apple are just too tempting.

    He got nothing from Apple for writing the article. What you and others misunderstand is the simple fact that many people LIKE using Apple products. That must go double for a guy like WM who tests many new electronic devices, you have to figure he gets a lot of stinkers and so more than most can appreciate something built well.

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