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Apple Expanding NC Green Data Center 34

The North Carolina data center that Apple has touted as especially earth-friendly (for having biogas-fueled generators, for one thing) will soon have a smaller companion; Apple is expanding its presence, according to filings reported over at Slash DataCenter, with another 21,000-plus square foot facility at the same site. "Apple also plans to build a hydrogen fuel-cell facility in the area, at least based on other filed permits. That would complement the solar-array installations under construction. Apple has claimed that some 60 percent of the data center facility’s power will be generated onsite. As it stands now, the Maiden facility already incorporates energy-efficient design elements, including real-time energy monitoring and analytics."
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Apple Expanding NC Green Data Center

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  • by ackthpt (218170) on Thursday July 19, 2012 @01:53PM (#40702339) Homepage Journal

    Apple has claimed that some 60 percent of the data center facility’s power will be generated onsite.

    So the other 40% will come from FoxConn's Matrix Facility?

    It'll be coming from the smog-enshrouded shack out back, surrounded by oil drums labeled "Do NOT open under ANY circumstances!"

    Nah, probably just off the grid .. it's not totally green, it's just greenER.

    Meanwhile, while noodling around Sonoma County in my greenhouse gas emitting vehicle, I found an entire ranch being powered by 1 wind turbine. Very impressive feat. I wonder if they ship their excess to the grid for a few bucks. Some of these turbines crank out 1.5 megawatts and this one was turning at a pretty fair clip.

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