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Time Inc. Signs Magazine Deal With Apple 83

Posted by timothy
from the tradition-be-damned dept.
redletterdave writes "Time Inc., the largest magazine publisher in the U.S., has decided to embrace digital distribution. On Thursday, Time Inc. announced that it will make all of its magazines available over the Newsstand application built by Apple. The agreement was confirmed by Time Inc. CEO Laura Lang and Apple's senior VP of Internet software development Eddy Cue. The two company executives agreed to allow Apple Newsstand users to subscribe to more than 20 magazines owned by Time Inc., including Sports Illustrated, People, and Entertainment Weekly."
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Time Inc. Signs Magazine Deal With Apple

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  • Re:Makes sense... (Score:3, Interesting)

    by Kergan (780543) on Thursday June 14, 2012 @06:43PM (#40329521)

    And your proof is? Mike Daisy's narratives?

    And your proof that Apple is doing anything worse than its competition is? The competition's reports on their contractors' work conditions?

  • by StuartHankins (1020819) on Thursday June 14, 2012 @09:22PM (#40330905)
    I do know something about publishing, having been Director of Production for a National magazine in the mid-90's. 30% is not a bargain... it's a STEAL for the publisher! Why? Waste from press runs, torn/mutilated copies, backorders, 3-month trials (counts as a subscriber to advertisers and the Audit Bureau of Circulations even though they didn't pay), subscriber audits, unexpected run outs because an issue was popular, people upset because you don't have a particular issue etc etc etc. All of that goes away with digital.

    No more bluelines, no subscription department, no bank runs, no handling cash. Your people can work from anywhere in the world. Put a button in your mag to allow the reader to post on Twitter or Facebook to gather more eyes. It's a steal, I tell you. Apple has the most eyes on digital media right now.
  • by BasilBrush (643681) on Thursday June 14, 2012 @09:51PM (#40331071)

    You should be convinced. Apple hasn't budged on it's 30% for any media. It's across the board. Take it or leave it.

    Why do you think The Beatles were absent from the iTunes store for so long? They thought they had the clout to get Apple to negotiate terms. But they didn't.

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