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EU Targets Apple In Ebook Investigation 99

Posted by timothy
from the how-many-eu-commissions-are-there? dept.
nk497 writes "The European Commission is investigating Apple and five publishers regarding ebook pricing, after raiding ebook firms earlier this year. 'The Commission will in particular investigate whether these publishing groups and Apple have engaged in illegal agreements or practices that would have the object or the effect of restricting competition,' the watchdog said."
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EU Targets Apple In Ebook Investigation

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  • Ebooks are Great (Score:5, Insightful)

    by thomasw_lrd (1203850) on Tuesday December 06, 2011 @12:18PM (#38280802)

    Ebooks are slowly changing the way authors sell their books. No longer do you need a publisher to sell you book. Self-publishing is not only a possibility now, but it is also a reality. The only thing you can get from a publisher now is up front fees and marketing. But with the web, you can do much of that yourself.

    Step 1. Create a company to help authors promote books
    Step 2: ????
    Step 3: Profit

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