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Google's Six-Front War 249

Posted by samzenpus
from the beware-the-russian-winter dept.
wasimkadak writes "While the tech world is buzzing about the launch and implications of Google's new social network, Google+, it's worth noting that Google isn't just in a war with Facebook, it's at war with multiple companies across multiple industries. In fact, Google is fighting a multi-front war with a host of tech giants for control over some of the most valuable pieces of real estate in technology."
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Google's Six-Front War

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Sunday July 03, 2011 @07:22PM (#36648918)

    As long as they don't get involved in a land war in Asia.

  • Don't worry (Score:5, Funny)

    by Daimanta (1140543) on Sunday July 03, 2011 @08:11PM (#36649162) Journal

    As long as Google doesn't invade Russia in the winter everything will be allright.

  • Re:Patents (Score:5, Funny)

    by VortexCortex (1117377) <`VortexCortex' ` ...'> on Sunday July 03, 2011 @09:45PM (#36649606) Homepage

    The problem is with the term "intellectual property", it's not property. It's government granted and enforced monopolies on the exploitation of ideas. Calling it intellectual property is an instance of framing aka the art of choosing the words to bias the discussion, much like calling tax cuts "tax relief".

    It is property because the law allows you to buy, sell, and transfer it.

    Right; Just like, sex. In the US state of Nevada, and some other countries, the law allows you to buy and sell sex.

    The term is "prostitution". Now, I don't know about you, but my sexual property rights are taxed heavily. Even if I choose not to exercise my ability to sell access to my amazing Johnson, I still have to list all the kinds of sex it can perform as taxable property when I file my taxes. Each time I get paid for sex I loose a little bit of my sexual property -- just like when you sell an idea!

    Some clients have bought enough of my sex that they literally own most a majority say in the handling of it. ( You do have to be careful though -- Once, After I sold my sex, the client re-sold it on e-bay, and it was purchased by a 16 year old! I served 5 years for statutory rape! )

    I once sold an idea that was so novel, it was in a totally invented on the spot language from a culture that existed only in my mind. A scarce resource like that -- the copyright traders, ie publishers, just had to have it, but they didn't count on the fact that no one but me knew what the strange symbols meant! Due to economics of scarcity, I'm now the richest man on InstainFrigth (that's Earth, but shhhh, don't tell anyone, it devalues my made up language).

    Now, Don't tell me when you list your property you don't claim all of your ideas, passing thoughts, and your va-jay-jay!?

    Why, those are 10 times more valuable than even a Big Johnson! You should talk to your accountant and maybe a sex or idea lawyer -- You could be liable for serious mental and sexual tax evasion; Even if you don't give a fuck!

    I guess next you'll try to tell me that you are born with a head full of all the ideas you'll ever have, and a body full of all the fucks that you will ever give...

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