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Has iTunes Been Hacked? 191

Posted by Soulskill
from the missony-loves-company dept.
An anonymous reader writes "Betanews has a series of articles talking about an apparent hack in iTunes that has resulted in fraudulent charges for some users involving Sega's Kingdom Conquest game. The reports start with a personal account from reporter Ed Oswald, who was a victim of the hack itself. The next story adds reports from readers, and the most recent story adds additional reports, with Oswald saying the number of reports received are in the 'dozens.' Apple has yet to confirm the existence of a hack, although reports have appeared on Sega's own support forums, Apple discussion boards, and through other news outlets."
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Has iTunes Been Hacked?

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  • by mikael_j (106439) on Tuesday June 07, 2011 @01:31AM (#36359636)

    In my case they used the incorrect pin digits from the back of the card and the bank denied the charge, but it must work some of the time.

    Sorry for being pedantic but the card security code (also known as CSC, CVV, CVV2, etc.) is not a PIN code.

    The PIN for Mastercard or VISA cards is a code you as the user must remember, here in Europe it is used pretty much every time you use your card instead of a signature.

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