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Iphone Patents The Courts Apple

Apple Wins a Round In Patent Battle With Nokia 90

Posted by timothy
from the surely-sequels-will-follow dept.
An anonymous reader writes "Apple [Friday] won a battle in an ongoing legal war with Nokia over patents that touch on pretty much all of Apple's product line. Since 2009, Apple and Nokia have sued and countersued each other into oblivion. In one particular legal action from May 2010, Nokia filed suit against Apple with a complaint to the ITC (International Trade Commission) alleging that Apple's iPhone and iPad 3G infringe on 5 of Nokia's patents."
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Apple Wins a Round In Patent Battle With Nokia

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  • Sued into oblivion? (Score:5, Informative)

    by 93 Escort Wagon (326346) on Saturday March 26, 2011 @02:25AM (#35620302)

    They may have been suing each other ad nauseum, but I assure you both Apple and Nokia still exist and are still considered rather relevant in their particular segments of the industry.

  • outcome (Score:5, Informative)

    by phantomfive (622387) on Saturday March 26, 2011 @02:30AM (#35620320) Journal
    In case anyone was wondering was the actual victory was, since the summary doesn't mention, I forced myself to read the article to find out. The ITC (International Trade Commission) ruled that Apple has violated none of the five patents. The rest of the court must agree with the finding before it becomes final. The article describes the patents in question:

    The patents in question relate to technologies for enhanced speech and data transmission, using positioning data in applications and innovations in antenna configurations that improve performance and save space, allowing smaller and more compact devices

    Yes, apparently Apple did not copy anyone else when they made their iPhone 4 antenna. And yes, there is a joke in there.

  • Re:Seems clear to me (Score:2, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Saturday March 26, 2011 @03:31AM (#35620476)

    I understand you were joking but at least you could try to get the facts right.
    Nokia was a paper mill stablished in 1865 and was named Nokia Ab in 1871.
    Check the full story here:

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